5 Expert Tips for Cooking Seasonal Vegetables This Winter

As the weather gets colder, we often find ourselves reaching for comfort foods. 

Chef Sophie Nahmad and Nutritionist Ellie Bain from Gousto have compiled a selection of tips and warming recipes to help people make the most of nutrient-filled seasonal veg, whilst also reducing food waste. 

Seasonal veg is much cheaper, and better for the planet, helping your wallet and the environment. It is also packed full of beneficial nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy over winter. 

With these winter warmers, you’ll be boosting your immune system and saving your pennies. 

Don’t waste peels

Ellie Bain, Gousto’s Senior Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian, says: “Apple, carrot, and potato peels are packed full of fibre, and when roasted they become crispy, adding to the texture and delicious taste.

“Did you know you’re supposed to consume 30g of fibre every day? Including apples, potatoes, and walnuts, a mushroom and leek tart is the great dinner idea to ensure you’re hitting your fibre goals. With tasty leeks, another seasonal star in the autumn and winter, you’ll be hitting all your five a day with this recipe.”

“One of our favourite autumnal veggies here in the UK is butternut squash. If you’re not quite sure how to use up the skins, cutting them up and roasting in olive oil with plenty of salt and pepper makes delicious vegetable chips, perfect for a mid-afternoon snack.”

Roast seeds to make an affordable garnish

Gousto chef, Sophie Nahmad, says: “By roasting your pumpkin seeds with a drizzle of olive oil and a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper, you’ll make the perfect topping for any dish. Not only will you save money by making your own toppings at home, but the roasted seeds will add texture and fibre to a variety of meals, whether you’re making a squash and sweet-potato gratin or a yummy chicken and parsnip risotto.”

Roast veggies to preserve nutrients

Sophie says: “Boiling your carrots and Brussels sprouts can become a bit tiresome; there’s nothing worse than a soggy sprout. Not only that, but the nutrients in these veggies are often lost in the boiling process. Instead, roast your carrots, potatoes, and sprouts in plenty of olive oil and a sprinkle of herbs, or get adventurous and make some balsamic sprouts.”

Ellie adds: Balsamic sprouts pair perfectly with a mushroom pie – this dish is packed with fibre and vitamin B, and the mushrooms are beneficial for gut health, can lower cholesterol, and help you maintain a healthy nervous system.”

Turn veg tops into a tasty pesto

Sophie suggests blitzing your carrot and parsnip tops so that nothing goes to waste: “Did you know you can cut up the green stalks and make them into a pesto or add to your mash? This is a great way to ensure you’re throwing nothing away. Check out this chicken Milanese recipe where the greens from the carrots and parsnips can be substituted for the kale in the mash and pesto.”

Get creative with seasonal veg

When it comes to using leftover pumpkins, soup isn’t always the answer. “If, year after year, you find pumpkin soup haunting your kitchen well after spooky season is over, this one’s for you. Lots of butternut squash recipes can be substituted for pumpkin so you can roast, fry, or bake to your heart’s content!”

Rachel Bartee

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