Get Amal Clooney’s Look with Peter Hahn

Amal Clooney is the queen of all girl crushes. She is smart, elegant, sassy, a human rights barrister (can you get more meaningful than that?) activist, author, and most recently: style queen. She is the epitome of cool, and a great role model for teens, tweens, and everything in between.

When I first heard about this wonder-woman, I was incredibly thankful that people like her are finally coming under the spotlight, teaching young women to aspire harder, and showing us that kicking ass can be done in all kinds of wonderful ways. Her impressive array of high profile- and ultimately fruitful- human rights cases are a testament to her fiery spirit and quiet collectedness (I’d like to think she’s the female, non-green version of Yoda, who, as you already know, I hold in great esteem). Amal truly deserves every bit of recognition she gets, and is basically a walking, talking superhero. We heart her.

In addition my pre-existent and unconditional love for Amal, I recently discovered a whole new side to her which, although in no way lessening her accomplishments, made me appreciate her even more. Not only can she slay at court, but dang, this girl can dress.

Amal, with her impeccable everything, took centre stage earlier this week at the premiere of Hail, Caesar!, sporting a stunning couture piece that confirmed everything we already knew: she is clever, she is powerful, and she looks great in high fashion.

Her £2223 Giambattista Valli piece looked like it was dripping with flowers every bit as lovely as her, and I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that anyone who crossed her path had a bit of a moment on the basis of that alone (I certainly did).

Which is why, we at Your Coffee Break are here to tell you that you can steal her look (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to look like her?) with this gorgeous creation by Peter Hahn.

Simple, stylish, and bursting at the seams with poppy goodness, Peter Hahn has created nothing short of a miracle. A slip over the shoulders, and you can finally resemble our favourite gal. Although we can’t promise it will bag you a Clooney of your own, it is substantially lighter on the purse, at only £194. That’s right, nearly twenty times cheaper than the original. Because everyone deserves to look and feel like Amal Clooney, without staring into the endless void of a newly empty bank account. Time to get shopping, am I right?

Rashina Gajjar

Rashina Gajjar is a copywriter, digital strategist, and editor-in-chief of Globe Of Love, a website she founded in 2014. She speaks three and a half languages (English, French, Spanish, and a dash of Italian) and is extremely fond of travelling, socialising, and writing about self-improvement. In her spare time, she loves engaging in new projects, and is currently in the process of publishing a book filled with pep talks from people around the world!