5 Dos and Don’ts for Working Your First TV Segment

When  working in PR, there comes a time when you’ll (hopefully!) have to accompany your awesome and in-demand client to a taping of a TV segment. Whether it’s your first time or your tenth time, there are a few trusty rules to follow to ensure that your client’s segment goes as seamlessly and smoothly as possible. Ready to dive in? Here are five dos and don’ts for rocking your first TV segment!

Do: get a good night’s rest

TV segments are typically filmed very early, especially if you client is vying for a spot on popular programming like Good Morning America or The Today Show. 5:30 a.m. call times aren’t out of the norm, so be sure that you’re in tip-top shape to work the segment by getting at least eight hours of shuteye the night before scheduled filming.

Don’t: get in front of the camera

Unless you’re specifically asked to by producers, don’t try to find a way to weasel yourself in front of the camera to get airtime. Not only will it detract from your client, but it is unprofessional. Politely stand to the side and support your client as necessary.

Do: prepare, and then prepare some more

“Winging it” hardly ever works, so be sure to set aside a few hours during the week leading up to your client’s TV segment to compile a list of talking points and upcoming events that your client can mention in their segment. If you client is particularly nervous about going on the air, host a practice segment with them to ease their nerves.

Don’t: ignore the producers

Make a point to make friends with producers – they’re who you want on your good side when it comes to filming great segments for your client! If the show’s producers suggest a tweak to your client’s on-camera setup or shooting from a different angle, they typically know what they’re talking about. Go with the flow and be a team player.

Do: provide behind-the-scenes shots on social media

Either through live-tweeting or shooting some sweet behind-the-scene Instagrams, make a social media-filled event out of your client’s TV segment by sharing moments with followers online. Not only will your client thank you later, but viewers will catch on to your client’s impressive media presence in no time!

Lindsay Shoemake

Lindsay Shoemake currently works in the media industry in Atlanta, where she manages a robust client roster on a daily basis. When she's not working, Lindsay is the founder of career-lifestyle site That Working Girl, along with her personal blog, Lindsay, Lively. She enjoys a great cup of coffee, traveling and helping other women attain their greatest career goals.