Handbag Trends: 5 Styles Making a Comeback

Mainly thanks to TikTok, and the fact that the 2000s were 20 years ago, Y2K fashion is having a revival – and this includes handbags too!

The Y2K aesthetic is trending, and 00s nostalgia is in full swing as searches for ‘2000s outfit’ have increased by 157% on Pinterest over the last three months – and the Y2K wave has hit handbags too.

The throwback pieces span all shapes and designs, making it easy to tap into the trend depending on your preferences. To give further insights, Nia Davis, Designer at the handbag and accessory brand Fiorelli, a heritage brand known for designing these trends in the ’00s, shares five Y2K handbag trends that are gaining popularity.

Denim bags

Popularized in the early 2000s and currently enjoying a resurgence is the iconic denim bag. Paired perfectly with a denim-on-denim look, the bag has famously been worn by Britney in the 00s and more recently by Beyoncé in her Cowboy Carter era” Nia comments.

According to Fiorelli, as the trend has grown, searches for ‘denim bag’ on Google have increased by 56% over the past three months. As well as searches for ‘denim bag patterns’ on Pinterest increasing by 135% over the past six months as people look to upcycle their own.

Hobo Bags

“A silhouette from the noughties which we have seen return is the spacious and effortless hobo bag, which was often seen on the arms of Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. A slouchy take on a tote bag, it’s a style that’s favoured for its practicality, with an oversized shape and laid-back appearance, making it suitable for stylish day-to-day use” Nia shares.

   Valentina Tote Black

According to Fiorelli, the hashtag #hobobag has 6.4k videos on TikTok and counting, and there has also been a 100% yearly change for searches of ‘hobo bag’ on Pinterest.

Erika Tote Tan     

Bag charms

“The re-emergence of the bag charm is one of the year’s most playful trends. With the rise of DIY, and upcycling, bag charms are a great way to add individuality to a bag you already own. The trend has already been sported by celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Lily Allen, who have been spotted carrying handbags accessorized with charms” Nia comments. 

The trend is also growing in popularity online, and according to Fiorelli, the hashtag #bagcharm has over 14.1K videos on TikTok, and searches for ‘bag charm’ on Pinterest have increased by 59% over the past three months, with this only expected to grow.

Leather hardware bags

“With the rise of the indie sleaze aesthetic, another classic Y2K staple that we are seeing a resurgence of is edgy leather bags with tough hardware details, similar to historic Fiorelli designs. Adorned with metal buckles, padlocks, studs and chains, part of the charm of this style is to look like they have been heavily used” Nia comments.

The trend is also seeing the classic Balenciaga City Bag, famously worn by Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen in the 00s regaining popularity, as according to Fiorelli, searches for ‘city bag’ on Google have increased 36% over the last month, and searches for ‘Balenciaga City bag’ have grown 100% yearly on Pinterest.

Shoulder bags

“A classic 00’s style that Carrie Bradshaw would be no stranger to wearing is the shoulder bag, with classy crescents and baguette silhouettes trending. A timeless staple, the cute Y2K bag has more recently been seen with modern colourways, prints and detailing” Nia shares.

Vega Shoulder Pale Blue    

This style of bag is especially popular on TikTok, as according to Fiorelli, the hashtag #shoulderbag has over 429.2k videos, and #baguettebag has 10.4k and counting.

 Gaia Shoulder Bright 

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