This App Lets You Track Your Body Changes with a Selfie

Forget shelling out for a personal trainer, you can now gain instant insights into your physical health and receive a personalized fitness plan all by simply scanning your body with your smartphone, thanks to the new AI-powered fitness trainer app Zing Coach

The pioneering app has just launched its Body Composition Scanner, which enables users to scan their body with their phone and receive real-time important insight into their physical health, offering a low-cost accessible solution to pricey health and wellness plans.

But what makes this so relevant now? 

Well, according to the World Obesity Federation, 38% of us lack motivation when it comes to working out. As a result, the majority of the global population will be overweight by 2035 — leading to a 50-100% increased risk of premature death.

In addition, bathroom scales can have up to 30% discrepancy, making progress tracking impossible. Losing motivation and throwing in the towel is so easy when you see no progress — or worse, see a weight gain, which might actually be attributed to muscle mass or water weight.

So, how does it work? 

Using just two photos of the user wearing tight-fitting clothes, it generates a body scan that’s 12% more accurate than comparative tools and determines the user’s lean mass, and percentages of essential, beneficial, and unbeneficial fat. From there, scans are automatically analyzed and changes are tracked within the Zing Coach app to create a hyper-personalized fitness plan using AI.

Users can generate an unlimited number of scans, which provides a far clearer, more precise, and more motivating measure of progress than basic measures, such as tracking weight changes or calculating BMI. Scans are automatically analyzed and changes are tracked within the Zing Coach app to create a personalized fitness plan. AI fitness apps tend to recommend pre-recorded workouts based on questionnaires, despite studies showing that we’re often dishonest when questioned about our bodies. Instead, Zing Coach uses a short fitness test, as well as authentic body data, historic performance data, energy levels, and injury history. Every aspect — from the number of reps to rest time, and how much weight to use — is intricately analyzed and constantly updated to finetune a routine, and the intensity of each exercise is adjusted based on pulse and time to achieve optimal results.

“Our health is the most important thing and taking proper care of it shouldn’t be reserved only for those that can afford to. When it comes to personal fitness, access to expertise and support needs to be democratized. However, most AI fitness apps use quizzes, which don’t deliver results — and it only takes a few weeks of poor progress to convince us to give up. Body data is crucial and, with the launch of our Body Composition Scanner, we’ve made it possible for anyone to personalize their plan and achieve their goals,” —  Walter Gjergja, Co-Founder & Chief Wellness Officer at Zing

Utilizing the latest advancements in AI, Zing Coach has further plans to implement real-time adjustments and a chatbot feature that will offer users advice and encouragement.

Rachel Bartee

Rachel Bartee is a blogger and freelance writer dreaming of a tour round the world to write a story of her greatest life adventure. For the time being, she feels inspired by her daily yoga sessions and studies Interpersonal Relationships.