Top ‘Glass Skin’ Beauty Brands Revealed

A Korean beauty standard turned viral aspiration, the ‘glass-skin’ beauty trend has skyrocketed on social media – with content peaking this year.

Data from WeArisma launched today reveals influencers’ top brands when it comes to achieving the look, as well as other insights on the trend that’s gripping the beauty world:

  • Favourite glass skin brands: Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Garnier, Cosrx and Fenty
  • Favourite products: Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Water Cream, Glow Toner, and Magic Serum Crystal Elixir topped the scene with 1,635 mentions on social media
  • Influencers driving the hype: Kali Ledger’s TikTok featuring MAC’s Hyper Real skincare reached an engagement rate of 327.85%
  • The trend peaked in 2024: Despite being a term posted on social media for at least six years, content / mentions for ‘glass skin’ peaked in Feb 2024 with 111% YoY increase – hinting at continued momentum for being a key beauty trend this year

Glass skin refers to skin that looks clear, poreless, translucent, reflective and very natural. There have been over 43 thousand pieces of content from influencers, celebrities and press since the term started being used on social media in January 2018. It’s been gathering momentum since then, with popularity peaking in February 2024 when 2,323 pieces of content about the trend were shared in that month alone.

Since its first mention, the trend has inspired social media content that has been engaged with more than a billion times, with a total media value of $349,525,316. WeArisma’s data reveals the most popular brands for glass skin, as well as the beauty influencers driving the trend and the products they use.

Jenny Tsai, founder and CEO of WeArisma, said: “The ‘glass skin’ trend is interesting because the data demonstrates the way brands andinfluential sources trigger trends. Though it’s been talked about on social media as a beauty method for at least six years, mentions peaked in February 2024. Content increased by 111% compared to only a year earlier in 2023. We expect to see momentum continue for the glass skin trend into spring and summer.

“This shows how social media beauty trends can be subtly built by brands with the right earned media strategies. The most popular brands in the trend show how valuable ensuring the right people are sharing the right content is to brand visibility.”

  1. Charlotte Tilbury

Total media value: $6,458,437

Products from Charlotte Tilbury Skincare such as the Magic Water Cream, Glow Toner and Magic Serum Crystal Elixir have captured the attention of those looking for a glassy skin look, resulting in 1,635 mentions in social media content from influential sources.

As well as skincare products, make-up by Charlotte Tilbury, particularly the Hollywood Flawless Filter Primer, features frequently in make-up tutorials based on the glass skin trend. Beauty YouTubers, Dilan Sabah and Tina Yong, are among those who feature the product in glass skin videos.

  1. MAC

Total media value: $6,326,083

MAC’s Hyper Real skincare line launched in 2023 and is a staple for glowing skin. Kali Ledger’s TikTok featuring the cleansing oil, serum and balm reached an engagement rate of 327.85%, generating nearly $300,000 in media value for MAC.

  1. Garnier

Total media value: $5,561,118

Hydration is key in achieving glass skin, so Garnier’s hyaluronic acid products are highly recommended in glass skin routines. Verónica Sánchez’s TikTok and Instagram posts using apricots to demonstrate how hydrating Garnier’s Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera serum is have been engaged with 9,514,191 times.

  1. Cosrx

Total media value: $4,569,100

As a Korean brand, Cosrx was an early player in the glass skin game on social media – its most successful month in terms of media value was March 2018, when content generated a total media value of $378,900.

Cosrx is famed for its products which contain snail secretion, promoting skin hydration, protection and repair. Kim DaoCrystal Nicole and Jasmin Lily are some of the influencers featuring Cosrx’s products, including the Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, in their content and helping to drive the brand’s popularity as a glass skin go-to.

  1. Fenty

Total media value: $4,239,055

Glass skin is all about an overall healthy, glossy look, so products to achieve hydrated, glowing lips are also popular within the trend. Sandy Trang shared a video of Fenty’s Gloss Bomb Ice Cooling Lip Luminizer as a glass skin product and Heather aka Fuel the Glow said the brand’s lip mask has helped her chapped lips – the two posts together were shared with nearly 200,000 combined followers.

Also in the top 10 …

  1. Some by Mi – $4,036,195
  2. L’Oréal – $3,721,527
  3. Peach & Lily – $3,700,712
  4. Medicube – $3,333,979
  5. Laneige – $3,028,674
Anabel Cooper

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