6 Coffee Blogs You Should Follow

Coffee is so much more than just some beverage you drink. Here at YCB HQ, and for many many other people constantly depending on their next caffeine fix, it’s a way of life. That flat white or cortado in the morning motivates you to work harder and get stuff done. People truly live and breathe their coffee.

Sound familiar…?

If yes, then you may be looking for more ways to fill your day with not only mugs of caffeine but also with coffee-related content. Unsurprisingly, the internet is a great place to start! Here, we take you through a few brilliant coffee blogs that we reckon you should follow to satisfy your fix between cups.


The word museum might arouse negative connotations in your mind. Don’t worry—coffeemuseum.com doesn’t at all feel like the typical museum. There’s nothing stuffy or pompous about it. As with real-life museums, coffeemuseum.com provides visitors with a variety of attractions—both permanent and temporary. For example, you can view award-winning documentary films about people and places tied to the coffee world. But the blog goes further than that, as well. It touches on a wide array of topics—such as whether coffee inspires better art. And best of all, you won’t have to wait in any lines to visit coffeemuseum.com!


One thing is for certain; you don’t want to keep seeing the same kind of content over and over if you’re visiting a blog. And that’s not going to be an issue with Sprudge! This is one of the more popular coffee-focused blogs out there (you’re welcome!), and so it offers some of the strongest content on the net. There’s a really good varied mixture of topics here—ranging from coffee podcasts about the coffee business to articles about government algorithms for drinking caffeine. No matter if you’re a casual drinker or longtime industry worker, you’ll find something that interests you on Sprudge.

I Need Coffee

If the name of this blog resonates with you, the actual information on it likely will as well. This website is dedicated to providing people with information on how to make coffee in a ton of different ways. You’ve probably heard of some of the methods listed on the site, such as French press. But it’s unlikely that you know all of them unless you’re a true coffee expert. This blog is great for anyone who’s just trying to learn a bit more about different ways of making coffee.  I Need Coffee has something novel to offer just about every coffee drinker out there.

Tasha Likes

This blog is dedicated to providing readers with in-depth reviews of high-quality food products, including coffee and coffee capsules. People who frequent Tasha Likes will be happy to not only find a wealth of product photos, but also step-by-step product walk-throughs. You want to get an opinion from a real person before you decide to purchase a premium coffee product. Go to Tasha Likes if you want a fully developed impressed based on actual experience.

Dear Coffee, I Love You

The title of this blog is something we’ve all said to that first cup of Joe in the morning countless times. Thankfully, the people at Dear Coffee, I Love You went ahead and turned the thought into an amazing blog. The visual appeal of this blog is one of the first things that will draw you in. Breathtaking photos resonate with visitors of all kinds. This site highlights a lot of artistic interpretations of coffee and coffee products. However, it also provides practical information for all sorts of coffee needs.

Barista Hustle

As the name suggests, Barista Hustle is a bit more intense than your everyday coffee blog. This site is geared towards people who have more than a casual interest in the drink—such as baristas or other coffee professionals. While everyone can certainly find something, they’ll enjoy on this site. It’s the best fit for people who live by the word of coffee.

All of these blogs offer their readers a unique taste of the coffee world. There are fortunately many places online for avid coffee fans to fulfill their need for hot coffee content.

Diana Simpson

Diana is a passionate journalist and a curious soul who is on the quest of finding what she loves the most; coffee, dogs, books or traveling? Born and bred in London, writing is her healing power.