The London Diaries: A Happy New Year

It really is 2013, now, isn’t it? As I lay on my bed, savouring the quiet moments outside before the day starts in earnest, I’m taking a few moments to collect my thoughts.

The year started quite well for me. I spent the first weeks of January, with some family friends of my parents’, who had been inviting us for years and years to join them in their chalet in Lech, Austria. I had never seriously considered, but all of a sudden it seemed like a good idea to go.

I was greeted by icy winds and dull skies as well as a surprisingly handsome Austrian airport driver. The drive from Zürich was a good two hours. Tired from the journey , I had withdrawn into my thoughts. But the cute guy kept talking to me, asking about my life in London. I thought, he was rather keen to get a conversation going. And why not, I thought, after all, he was gorgeous and I would be stranded in a little Austrian village for three whole weeks!

Are all Austrian guys handsome, I wondered vaguely. Then I remembered my friend from school days, Tinky. She had always wanted to marry an Austrian guy. At the time we had laughed at her and thought she was a bit odd. Now, however, I started to feel there might be more to the small German neighbour then I had allowed for…

Too soon, the journey was over and Sebastian courteously escorted me into Dave and Reena’s house. When he left me, I expected him to remark on the possibility of meeting up during my stay, or even to ask for my telephone number. And I felt slightly put out when he cheerfully waved me goodbye and wished me a relaxing holiday without doing either.

The next days were busy with scheduling treatments, meeting my hosts’ friends and with some work that I had brought along to be finished. And although I secretly kept watching out for Sebastian, I never saw him again.

It was a full week later, I had been skiing for most of the day, and was enjoying a hot mulled wine in the Burg in Oberlech, when I saw Sebastian’s cute smile. He seemed to be talking to somebody smaller than him, whom couldn’t see. Involuntarily, I backed behind a Russian, fur wearing, giant. I surely didn’t want to be seen coming from the slopes, at least, not unless I had time to go to the ladies and make sure that I looked my best!

I know, I had the best intentions of maintaining a high self-esteem and whatnot for the new year, but blotchy make up and flat sweaty hair just doesn’t make the prettiest sight. And for some reason, I wanted Sebastian to think me pretty… Why, I thought, as I dashed down to the ladies’, maybe my friend has been right after all and Austrians are good boyfriend material. Either way, I was going to find out!

Having regained my composure and fresh looks (pink cheeks, rosy lips and a splash of perfume did the trick), I made my way towards Sebastian, was standing with a group of people. How to approach him? Or rather, how to make him approach me?

I scouted the situation by carefully circling the group, always making sure Sebastian was turning his back on me. There were four other guys, all right looking, although not as handsome as my target. In addition, there were two girls, pretty girls! What was worse: pretty girls in hot pursuit!!!

There was a tall, slim blonde with a cute button nose and big blue eyes and long lashes, from under which she was shooting him sultry looks. The other girl was rather petite and had short brown hair – not quite unlike Emma Watson – and was laughing at something he had evidently just said.


Mhh, I know defeat when I see it. Today, there would be no room for Sophie. I generally don’t like to share the attention of a guy, and we all know how good guys are at multitasking… He would certainly not be able to cope with a third admirer.

I was about to turn round and return to my skis to go home, when I suddenly thought, I might try a different strategy. Instead of focusing directly on Sebastian, why not start a conversation with one of his buddies? This way, I might find out something about him as well as remind him of my existence without vying for his attention.

Easier said than done. I could not very well go over there start talking to one of the buddies and ignore the fact that he and I had spent two very happy hours talking… Or could I?

I was rescued from this dilemma by Reena, who had just arrived and came over. She took my arm and said, “Sophie, I know you’ve met Sebastian, why not meet his brothers. You know, their parents are really good friends of ours.”

Well, to cut a long story short, I did talk to Sebastian in the end, and not just for a few hours! By the end of the day, I had dazzled him with my smiles and he had asked me out. The fact that his parents were close friends of my hosts’ make me feel comfortable about going out with him. After all, who knows what will happen…

I will see him tomorrow, here in the mountains rules of weekdays and such things don’t apply – or rather: on holiday every day is week end!

Very excited, will report,

Xx, Sophie


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