The Simple Folk Create Nostalgic, Long-Lasting Children’s Wear to Last for Generations to Come

Is there anything better than watching your baby take in the world around them for the first time? Watching them as they take in the leaves on the trees, the wind on their faces and the feel of grass underneath their teeny tiny toes. Giving our children the space and freedom to explore nature by getting down on their hunkers and touching every leaf and pebble, or jumping in every puddle along a walk will give them memories to last a lifetime. 

Inspired by nature, and quite beautifully – a child’s imagination – The Simple Folk have created a timeless collection of minimalist, organic, and sustainable clothing for both women and children. Keeping the adventurous and curious nature of children in mind, these two moms created clothing for kids that allows them to simply be kids. Their clothing is designed to support how much movement our children do while playing – reaching and stretching, jumping and crawling – their clothes are soft and comfortable – meaning they won’t restrict a child’s ability to move to their hearts content and get stuck into a wonderful adventure. Co-founder Morea says “comfort and feel are a huge priority for us, so we always choose the softest fabrics we can find.” As they say themselves, children should feel free to play and romp around plus, look incredibly stylish!

The Simple Folk’s collection is timeless – lending itself even more so to their ethos of sustainability. The brand actively encourage mothers to pass their pieces down from one sibling to the next – and given how carefully crafted each piece is, the quality means that this can be done with ease. Through their blossoming Instagram community they promote a slow fashion movement, inspiring their customers to upcycle and mend garments and again encouraging them to share their pieces to further their goal of sustainability and reduce everyones carbon footprint. 

When co-founders Jamie Morea and Abigail Brown witnessed the true cost of fast fashion and the materials used to create it, they were inspired to take action. “We use natural and organic fibres, and ensure the completed garment is OEKO-TEX® certified, giving parents the peace of mind that every fabric, button, and dye we use is clean and toxin-free,” says Morea. Essentially this certification means that the products have been rigorously tested for harmful substances like toxic chemicals. As mothers we are so conscious of our children’s nutrition and what goes into their bodies, but the same concern is rarely focused on what we put on them. Knowing that The Simple Folk have taken care of that worry for us gives us peace of mind when dressing our children for a day of exploring. 

In a worrying age of fast fashion, The Simple Folk are striving for a better solution. Nearly all of their collection of organic fabrics are produced in an eco-friendly, GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certified factory in Portugal. This factory even runs on green energy from solar-generated power and recycles its own well water. Time and time again we are hearing about how badly workers are treated in factories that supply fast fashion brands, so it is an absolute joy to hear that the complete opposite is true for the factory supplying a slow fashion brand like The Simple Folk. Employing local artisans who cut, sew and dye the garments – the factory honour and empower the professionals who work for them. So from concept to creation, each piece is created with joy and love. We also love their womenswear collection, where cottagecore is all the rage!

When asked about the collection, Morea simply says, “We poured our hearts into every piece and detail of this collection, prioritizing the health and well-being of both those who make and wear our clothes and choosing earth-friendly practices at each and every turn.” When browsing their collection you will feel all the nostalgia from your own childhood – from little moccasin shoes to denim dungarees – the styes will never go out of date making them the perfect heirlooms to hand down for generations. 

Giving back is a cornerstone of The Simple Folk’s community-minded philosophy, and as members of the Change for Women Collective, Morea and Brown are proud to support organisations that are committed to supporting children’s education worldwide, specifically advocating for Kikulu Foundation, Malala Fund, and Pencils of Promise. When asked about this commitment, Brown imparts, “What greater impact can we possibly make on this world than to care for the well-being of all of its children?”

The Simple Folk’s commitment to their sustainability practices, and also the education and empowerment of children, is lovingly and thoughtfully sewn into every piece they make, making the planet our children will inherit from us a much better place.

Alexandra Manning

Alexandra Manning is a writer and new mom living in Donegal, Ireland. She runs her own small business called Brand Studio, but has also finally learned the joy of slowing down. She enjoys spending time with her baby girl and husband, and their mini zoo (3 dogs and 2 cats!), either exploring the outdoors or watching too many movies. You can chat with Alexandra on Twitter @AlexandraKateM.