The Falcon Hotel: Where We Stayed When Visiting the Hidden Travel Gem, Bornholm in Denmark

This year, we are determined to make good use of the summer holiday. We have been perched on our desks all through winter and spring so as we are looking for new sunny memorable trips to take with our loved ones, it’s time to think out of the ordinary. Looking for alternative destinations can not only make a trip much more enjoyable but can also prevent you from joining the masses at oversubscribed destinations. 

Imagine this; take an enjoyable ferry ride, feeling the wind in your hair and the breeze of the ocean, out to a picturesque island that has everything one could possibly need for a week’s stay.

Historical ruins and castles, beautiful nature and deep forests, photogenic cliffs and mountains, small villages with adorable cafes and restaurants with the ultimate gastro-playground using ingredients sourced from local produce. Don’t get us started on the fine wines and delicious beer. 

Also, perfect if you want to avoid crowds, Bornholm is an island located on the outskirts of Denmark. As a less-crowded alternative to popular international holiday hotspots, Bornholm is still one of Denmark’s most searched-for destinations overall. So if you are travelling to Denmark and want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen, you’ll find this gorgeous island which boasts enticing seasides, stunning weather and loads of things to discover, only a ferry ride away. 

Whilst visiting the island earlier this year, we stayed at the utterly cosy boutique hotel, The Falcon Hotel and we couldn’t have asked for a better stay. With great hospitality and friendly staff, we were greeted with big smiles and handshakes walking through the door, instantly feeling a calming atmosphere with open fires and nature-inspired decor. 

The hotel put us in one of their finer suites and it was love at first sight! African-inspired decor, golden bar carts, beautiful big lamps with soothing lighting and a comfortable big bed calling our name throughout the day.

Stepping just outside our door, the March afternoon warmed and was alive with the chorus of birds. From our balcony, we enjoyed the stunning seaside view and spotted the cottages scattered below as we watched the sun set over the ocean. It was difficult not to fall in love with this place. 

Whether you prefer to be in amongst the action of the hotel or in quiet solitude on the outskirts of the grounds, you can choose between the Main House, the Garden House, and the Guest House. The hotel’s chic, colonial Main House is where you’ll also find the friendly reception and the in-house restaurant. 

In the mornings, simply follow the old, narrow stairs down to the ground floor, where your appetite will be awakened by the mouth-watering aroma of freshly cooked breakfast. This house has seven rooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, a spectacular view, and a lush, stylish interior. 

For those who wish to be immersed in the wonderful nature surrounding the area, the Garden House is an immaculate space surrounded by breathtaking views of cliffs and forestry. There are eighteen rooms in total, all of which have been renovated as of 2021 with fresh, chic designs. Choose from the top or bottom floor- both with their own alluring features.

The top offers quaint, private balconies with views of the Baltic Sea or the garden. The bottom ones, on the other hand, offer their own private breathing space outside the door, as well as large terraces with direct access to the gardens. 

Finally, if you’re craving a more secluded stay, you can find some peace and quiet within the Guest House. With individual terraces boasting views of sunsets over Hammerknuden, the spaces available in this house are perfect for those who value their privacy. Plus, it’s great news for any furry friends- in the Guest House, your pets are most welcome! 

No matter which house you choose, as you work up an appetite from days out exploring the island, you may want to take refuge at The Falcon Hotel’s in-house restaurant- a comfortable, elegant space with views of the ocean.

The restaurant merges classical style with a peaceful seaside ambience through touches of nature, only adding to the unique travel experience. The food is delicious, catering to children too. Fancy a tipple as you wind down? There is wine on tap (literally, as you get your own wine card and can fill up your glass to the brim from a machine whenever you want a cheeky glass) and whilst we were staying at The Falcon Hotel, there was a live band and dancing after dinner. It’s safe to say that my little 3-year-old daughter very much enjoyed the experience! 

For those who find solace in the great outdoors, it’s needless to say that the Falcon Hotel is an idyllic base. Step outside into the oasis of calm, take a deep breath and fill your lungs with the fresh, clean air from the sea, filled with the aroma of wild forestry and dewy grass.

The Falcon Hotel truly makes the most of its unique, tranquil setting, offering a variety of packages so that as a guest, you can experience nature at its very finest. Set sail on a fishing trip along the crystal clear coast, spend a day on the saddle, cruising through country, gravel, and mountainous routes, or practise yoga in a beautiful rock garden.

To ease your muscles and indulge in some precious you-time, sink into the saunas that overlook the sea. After a long day of cleansing the body and mind, a wood-burning stove and a sea-view dinner awaits you at the hotel. 

So this year, why not go beyond the over-crowded holiday hotspots? With life’s demands, often the quality-time trips we get to experience with our loved ones are few and far between. They’re far too precious, in fact, to be spent in competition for sun-loungers. Make the most out of this year’s summer holiday by spending it unwinding, purifying, and revelling amongst your nearest and dearest- all in a tranquil, Danish gem.

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Charlotte Giver

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