Get the Look: Chloe Lewis Beige Dipped Hem Maxi Dress

The Chloe Lewis Collection at Little Mistress is head over heels luscious. Colours, patterns and lace, oh my! We at YCB have been ogling over the dresses for weeks, but became giddy and dumbstruck when we saw the designer herself in one of her own styles.

Last weekend, TOWIE’s Chloe Lewis was fashioning this gorgeous cream dress from Little Mistress. In casual selfie form, Chloe snapped a photo of herself in the dress and proves it’s so lovely once put on. She was wearing the Chloe Lewis Collection Beige Dipped Hem Maxi Dress and now we’re all dying to get the look, too!

Note that the dress is a “short in the front, long in the back” style, so opting for heels or wedges is best when wearing this number. It flows nicely when you walk and the fit should be superb as long as it’s comfortably snug up top. As for accessorising, no need for necklaces because the plunge with a sheer embellished neckline. Consider some sparkly or silver drop earrings or a few thin bracelets for the wrist.

While we can’t discern exactly where Chloe Lewis was headed wearing this dress, we can only assume it was for an important event with important people. She says it’s perfect for all special occasions and we absolutely agree!

This spring, you can wear this dress for a variety of occasions. Depending on how you style it, it can easily work for both daytime and nighttime events. Remember, accessories are everything. Wear the dress to a cocktail party or pair it with casual wedges for an afternoon wedding. It’s appropriate for pristine events with your parents as well as meeting a cute fella at a friend’s birthday gathering or fancy work event. Most importantly, the dress screams luxury and you should feel just as divine while wearing it. Confidence is everything in this number, and we know you’ve got it. So rock it!

If you’re convinced beige isn’t the colour for your skin tone (ignore the rules, you can totally rock it), you’re in luck! The Chloe Lewis Collection also offers this maxi dress in navy. Now the possibilities of wearing this look are truly infinite!

For more on the collection at Little Mistress, check them out here.

Rachel Shippee

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