Female Founded App Ranked In Apple’s Top 10 Paid Apps For 2023

Women’s health app makes Apple’s Top 10 app of the year – for the fifth year running

Today, The Positive Birth Company proudly announces its continued success with Freya, as it has been named Apple’s 9th most popular paid app for 2023. Created by Siobhan Miller, founder of The Positive Birth Company, this innovative app within the healthcare sector has been a game-changer for childbirth.

Launched in February 2019, Freya was created to help parents-to-be across the globe during one of the most important times of their lives – welcoming their child into the world. Averaging 4.5k downloads per month, this app has helped over 270,000 people give birth, and has been named one of Apple’s top paid apps for 5 consecutive years.

What does it do? 

Freya stands out as the world’s first hypnobirthing-friendly surge timer, much like a 카지노사이트 is a pioneer in providing a seamless online gaming experience. Designed to be your virtual birth partner, Freya coaches you through each contraction with a simple breathing technique. It helps you find relaxation in between with positive affirmations, soothing visualizations, and guided meditation, ensuring a tranquil mindset. With Freya’s support, expectant mothers can remain serene and in control, which can lead to a more efficient and comfortable labour. Moreover, Freya meticulously records the frequency and duration of surges, advising on the opportune moment to reach out to a midwife, similar to how a 카지노사이트 offers timely advice and insights to its patrons.

Freya includes:

  • A timer to record your surges (also known as a contraction timer)
  • Coaching audio to keep your mind focused on breathing through each surge
  • A gentle expanding visualisation which you can use to sync your breathing
  • A detailed log of your surges (contractions) over time, so you can track your progress through labour
  • Let you know when labour is established and it might be a good idea to contact your midwife
  • Guided relaxations, positive affirmations and soothing visuals to help keep you calm and relaxed, making birth easier, quicker and more straightforward (can also be used in pregnancy and postnatally)
  • Send you daily or weekly positive affirmations to boost your confidence in pregnancy

Why does it work? 

We know the more relaxed you are during birth, the more oxytocin you will produce. Oxytocin helps your uterus to work efficiently, making labour faster and more comfortable. This is a tool we teach in hypnobirthing, and Siobhan wanted to create an app that helps with this.

A note from Siobhan, creator of Freya:

“When I started The Positive Birth Company I had some pretty high hopes to drive positive change within the antenatal education industry,” explains Siobhan. “But it’s fair to say this small business has gone beyond my wildest dreams. It has always been my mission to make hypnobirthing more accessible for everyone because I passionately believe every woman and birthing person deserves access to the tools, knowledge and support for the best birth possible. It’s a matter of equality. The Freya app was the first of its kind and it’s been an absolute gamechanger. I couldn’t be more proud.”

Reviews of Freya

“Simple to use app, yet so incredibly effective. Thank you so much for designing this beautiful app. It really helped me to keep calm and focused throughout my labour. Sometimes, when I would try to count through a surge myself, I would lose it a little bit, so having the app count and the relaxing music really made all the difference. Can’t rate the app highly enough. Amazing value for money. Thanks again x”

“Such a beautifully designed app, does exactly what you need it to and so much more! I love that it works even when phone is not on the app, meaning you can message people but still be able to listen to the app! Not only did I find this app helpful and calming for me but also my partner, he loved listening and trying to get into a similar mindset! Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a relaxing surge(contraction) timer!”

Where can you download Freya?

The app is available to download on iOS here: ‎Freya • Surge Timer on the App Store

The app is available to download on Android here: Freya • Surge Timer

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