7 Principles All Powerful Millennial Women Have in Common

Living a successful lifestyle filled with balance and fulfillment doesn’t happen “just like that”. In today’s society, everyone wants to be successful one way or another. However, not such big numbers are actually capable of reaching high levels of success. Why? They never took the time to develop their mindset, skills, and talents.

Still, many millennial women seem to be “getting it”. We can see hundreds of highly successful females that are leading companies, managing people, handling hard decisions, and doing what many men just simply cannot do.

So what does that have to do with being a millennial woman? Well, millennials, in general, have started to perceive their life as an endless opportunity to generate free Riot points with no consequences. They refuse to befriend with the impossible, and they do everything they can to build the empire of their dreams.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, every woman and man can become the persona I was talking about earlier. Good news! In today’s post, you’re going to start your journey towards a greater personal development and a higher knowledge concerning what you need to do to be successful.

Here are the 7 principles all powerful millennial women have in common:

1. They Have High Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Levels

Successful women understand the importance of their self-esteem and self-confidence. They know that if they believe in themselves and their power to accomplish great things, their success will eventually knock on the door.

Moreover, they perceive these two qualities as mental skills that can be improved as the time goes on. In order to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, you should start reading several books on the subject. Then, the key is to apply what you learn and put it into action in real life.

A strong mindset will always set a woman apart from others. Oh, and let’s not forget that a confident woman will be more likely to attract the attention of others in more circumstances.

2. They Have High Standards

The difference between successful millennial women and mediocre millennial women lies beneath the life standards that manifests. Some women have professional desires and they don’t shy away from showing them, while others are fulfilled with a harmonious family and not much else. 

Well, standards matter a lot. We can always raise our standards. So now the question is… why don’t people raise their standards on a consistent basis? Simple. They’re afraid. They’re afraid of failure, and they’re not truly confident that they can actually accomplish whatever it is that their heart desires. 

3. They Pursue Their Passions and Work Hard

“In order to be happy, you need to be passionate about your work. In the present moment, you can change your entire life in a matter of days. In case your life isn’t close to what you want it to be, just change it. Quit. Go away. Break up with him. Love yourself more. Don’t be afraid of change. Be afraid of living and dying without accomplishing something bigger.”

This advice came from Bertha Holman, the CEO woman of BestEssays.

And, she is totally right, because most women are afraid to bring changes to their lives. There’s a high resistance towards change, and it’s all because of fear. People are afraid of making the wrong choices, or of not being able to pick up with their lives after they let go of what they currently have.

Well, the internet is a goldmine of information. There are endless amount of books on the subject, seminars, local meetings, courses, internships…and basically everything you need in order to start pursuing your passion.

If you have already discovered your passion, make the first step and approach your goal as soon as you can. Why wait around? Success won’t happen without hard work. But the good news here is that whenever you’re passionate about something, work is no longer work but rather play.

4. They Assume Responsibility for Everything

Successful women take responsibility for their actions. Putting the blame on external circumstances isn’t common in people that live above-average lives. If you think about it, assuming responsibility for everything that’s surrounding you is the best way to have control over your life.

Did the company suffer consequences because of your actions? Don’t blame it on your colleagues – it was your fault. Assume it, and make sure that you’re doing better next time. Living with such a mindset will definitely make you a better professional and person in general. 

People respect people who can admit that they were wrong.

5. They Possess Optimistic Mindsets

Oh…positivity. Such a rare trait nowadays! You see, optimistic minds are healthy minds. When we were toddlers, we manifested happiness as a natural state of being. In time, we “learned” how things are supposed to be, and we instantly accepted the society’s values, beliefs, and expectations as a part of us.

Now – successful millennial women already have an understanding of that detaching yourself from the collective mindset represents a one way out of mediocrity. If you want to witness success and live your life on your own terms, you ought to cultivate high levels of optimism and positivity. These are the mental traits that will allow you to overstep your boundaries towards success.

6. They Set Goals and Stick to Them

Powerful millennial women have become powerful after reaching their goals. How did they do it? Well first off, they took the time to perform goal-setting sessions. Writing your goals down on a piece of paper is much more efficient than trying to remember them. A Harvard study confirms this statement, so learn from the best and start doing what the science says!

Yet, the main difficulty isn’t the establishment of the goals. The problem is that just a few women can commit to consistent action. And, without consistent action and focus on a goal, the chances that it will be achieved will significantly drop.

7. They Acquire Knowledge Consistently

Knowledge is power. Successful women read a lot. They do it because it helps them understand the world better. Moreover, developing your knowledge in different fields will also improve your skills and mindset. As already mentioned, a powerful mindset is what differentiates a successful woman from an average achiever.

If you haven’t adopted the habit of reading daily, I really recommend you should start today. Focus on non-fiction personal development books. Here’s a lecture list that successful millennial women recommend – you can start off with this. Making reading or listening to audiobooks a habit is the best way to remain consistent with your education.


Although it may seem too much at first, you really need to understand that this type of mindset, actions, and decisions are absolutely necessary for becoming successful. I can seem hard to do at first, but that’s the whole point. If everyone could do it, it would be nothing special. But. They can’t. Now let me ask you something…can you?


Karen Dikson

Karen Dikson is an entrepreneur and blogger from New Jersey. She is a regular contributor to HuffingtonPost and several other well-known resources. In her free time, Karen enjoys traveling. Follow her on Twitter at @KarenDikson