Introducing Weasel Wardrobe: The Sustainable Babywear Brand that’s Protecting the Planet

We’re all looking to make more sustainable choices when we shop – and this includes shopping for baby. We want to find soft, stylish items that are kind to their skin and have minimum impact on the planet. Baby’s growing body can make this a challenge – we’re constantly buying new clothes to keep them cosy and safe – but Weasel Wardrobe are proving that sustainability and style do come together.

Weasel Wardrobe is top of the class when it comes to earth-friendly fashion. They are putting sustainability in every stitch, creating gorgeous, minimalist-inspired baby clothes that are kind to the planet. The brand was founded by Karen-Louise Wenzel Hansen, and is inspired everyday by her belief that top-quality, timeless baby fashion can be created with the planet in mind.

By selecting organic materials, reducing pollutants and producing locally in their Danish studio, Weasel Wardrobe create fresh, adorable designs that support your baby at every stage. 

Beautiful products start with beautiful materials. By carefully selecting premium organic cotton for the Weasel Wardrobe range, Karen-Louise ensures that each item delivers maximum comfort with minimum impact on the planet. Organic cotton is a great choice for those wishing to shop more sustainably. Unlike non-organic cotton, which requires environmentally damaging chemicals to grow, organic cotton is chemical-free and helps to reduce the amount of harmful pollutants in our ecosystem. Organic cotton is, moreover, biodegradable and renewable. And super soft, of course!

Careful design plans also enable you to adjust Weasel Wardrobe clothes to fit your baby’s growing body. Take the Weasel Wardrobe sweatpants, for instance. Elastic waistbands and inside strings make for easy adjustment, while the roll-up hem helps you to find the perfect fit for little legs. As well as allowing you to give your baby ultimate, chafe-free comfort, adjusting clothes has the added benefit of reducing the number of baby items you need to buy – and all the pollutants that come with this. 

We are head over heels in love with Weasel Wardrobe’s sweatpants. Made from structured organic cotton with a brushed and soft backside, they provide growing legs with ultimate comfort and maximum stretch. We love the golden mustard sweatpants – match with spring pastels for a feel-good burst of sunshine freshness.

Weasel Wardrobe know that your baby deserves the best. Expert designs and hand-stitching and printing guarantee unmatched quality and unmissable style. The complementary colour palette – think muted pastels and deep fruity tones – works beautifully together, allowing you to mix and match for a new look every day! 

The Horizon bodysuit is simply exquisite. Each hand-stitched suit is made from 95% organic cotton and adjusts to fit three sizes. The dotty pattern is fabulous fun – it transports us to rolling landscapes and trickling fairy-tale brooks.

For a more feminine look, try the Tutu bodysuit, which is available in dark plum, dusky pink and rust orange. The soft frill sash takes you from plain to pretty in an instant!

Weasel Wardrobe aim for sustainability at every stage, which is why the team are dedicated to sourcing the most eco-friendly delivery resources. Each bag, box, note and card Weasel Wardrobe use is made from either recycled paper or comes from suppliers working with sustainable forestry. Transport and delivery also required considerate selection; Weasel Wardrobe only use transport teams that are committed to reducing their carbon emissions. 

What else can we do to keep our fashion planet-friendly? Weasel Wardrobe offer lots of handy tips to help you maintain green living on laundry day. Overwashing is the first mistake. Cleanliness is important, of course, but washing your baby’s clothes after just one wear is usually unnecessary. If their clothes are marked with a little stain or spill, simply rub with a damp cloth and leave to hang in the fresh air overnight. It’s also important to made use of every wash by filling your machine up to capacity and washing at 30 °C or less – this saves money, too! Also, by opting for an environmentally safe detergent, you will be helping to minimise water pollution. Eco-friendly from first to last – that’s what we like!

Sustainability and style don’t always come together, but with Weasel Wardrobe, you know you are dressing your baby in marshmallow-soft, cheerfully sustainable fashion that lasts. Choosing beautiful babywear doesn’t have to mean pollutants and fast fashion – at Weasel Wardrobe, the planet is priority from design to delivery. 

Ellie Loxton

Ellie Loxton recently graduated in English from the University of Cambridge where she produced a diverse collection of articles for Varsity and The Cambridge Student. Completing work experience placements with book publishers (Sweet Cherry Publishing, Usborne books) and magazine titles (The Oakhamian, Immediate Media Company) has provided her with first-hand experience in features writing. Firmly believing that enthusiasm, energy and engagement are the driving forces behind great writing, Ellie strives to deliver high-quality material relevant to modern women. She can always be found putting pen to paper, whether this be through a writing project, crossword puzzle or her daily journal.