Prep Your Apartment For Spring With These Expert Tips From Tess Montgomery

Prep your apartment for spring with these expert tips from Tess Montgomery

Top Swedish bloggers you should know Tess Montgomery

Tess Montgomery isn’t just too cool for school, she’s cooler than most things in life, including pineapples (if you don’t believe me, just look at her upstaging this pineapple. Point. Proven.).

The Swedish blogger-slash-model-cum-design goddess seems to radiate oomph from within: she blogs in the morning (yes, she’s even a morning person!), models by night, runs around the city auditioning all day, keeps a gorgeously designed home, AND she can do headstands. Essentially, she is a fully fledged life maestro- the Amal Clooney of stylish Clapham-dwellers. Tess Montgomery kicks ass.

Tess Montgomery on prepping your apartment for spring

This spring, the gals at YCB chatted to the lady herself about how she artfully balances her busy lifestyle with her design-loving community, in the hope that we can all (yes, that means you!) spring-ify our apartments as beautifully as she has. Are you ready to be blown away?

1.) Use Colour And Natural Light To Your Advantage

Decor tips from Tess Montgomery

Now that light is beginning to infiltrate our rainy little land, Tess recommends bringing this into your interior design, with whites, greys, navys, cherry blossoms, magnolias, and pastels, to marry in with the (all too welcome) arrival of spring. She also recommends a good old spring clean for those of you who are cheeky little hoarders (guilty as charged!).

Top Swedish blogger Tess Montgomery

2.) Bring Your Personality Into It

As a Scandinavian married to a man from Zimbabwe (and what a beautiful couple they make!), the famous blogger strongly recommends injecting your heritage into your interior decoration. Have fun with it, and don’t forget the personal touch! If you aren’t sure how to balance the colours and objects, try grouping them together around the room, mixing tall with short, smooth with rough, and rearranging until you’re satisfied! Remember, one or two bold colours work beautifully when used a few times for a put-together, ‘I’ve got this’ look.

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3.) Spring-ify The Little Things

During the wonderful season that is spring, Tess recommends a series of small changes: bring in those plants you’d forgotten about (it’s okay, we do it too), open the windows and let the breeze roll in, and start thinking about how to rearrange your interior to switch up the mood. Buy some vases with interesting shapes, change your pillows and throws for lighter pinks, nudes, and greens, and try replacing those musky winter candles for floral scents.

In case you don’t want to break the bank, and are still hoping they didn’t notice that handbag you splurged on last month, never fear! According to the design-guru herself, H&M home are buzzing with the latest trends, and if you already know what you want, TK MAXX is great for high quality, low-budget finds!

How to decorate your home with candles Tess Montgomery blog

Interview with top Swedish blogger Tess Montgomery

4.) Bring The Outside Indoors!

Time to bring in that weather we spent most of the year longing for! This spring, follow Tess’s example and take all your dark coloured throws and heavy carpets to the basement. Instead, pepper your interior déco with flowers, plants, branches, wood, cork, rattan, and anything that reminds you of the great outdoors!

Top Swedish bloggers you should know Tess Montgomery

If you’re feeling low on inspiration (as if you could, looking at all these gorgeous photos!), don’t stop at the greenery- trays, bowls, and cutting boards in lovely new shapes and patterns can help spice up your kitchen, helping you feel the spring warmth as you’re cooking up something special. And if you’re willing to go all the way in your interior déco transformation, Tess suggests fresh herbs in pots and fruit and veg bowls to give your kitchen the cosy, celebrity-like quality we all secretly long for. Check out these must-buys from Suite Hazen.

For more déco inspo and to follow Tess’ adventures in London, check out her popular blog at

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