How to Increase Fertility in Women – Optimise Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

There are numerous factors that can impact the chances of a woman getting pregnant, and even their partners may experience fertility issues. However, there are ways for a woman to increase her fertility through natural methods. The purpose of this article is to discuss some evidence-based natural remedies for increasing fertility in women through some simple health and lifestyle changes. By applying these simple changes, a woman could see a natural increase in her fertility and get pregnant.

Primary amongst factors that increase the chances of getting pregnant is reducing stress and exercising often. There have been numerous studies that suggest that women who are in a mentally relaxed state and in peak physical conditions have a much higher chance of getting pregnant. There is a way of measuring stress through a method that scientists call Alpha-amylase which gives medics a biological marker of the stress levels. Numerous studies have shown that women with a higher level of alpha-amylase have a lower chance of getting pregnant and conceiving naturally. It’s therefore important for a woman looking to get pregnant to reduce her stress levels before looking for alternative IVF treatments as a decrease in stress has been shown to increase fertility in women.

Another factor that increases infertility in women is smoking. This won’t come as much of a surprise for many of you reading this. Smoking tobacco has been shown to disrupt the hormone levels of a woman. As well as this, it can make the menopause to occur at a much earlier age if smoking has been a regular habit over many years, although this can vary considerably from individual to individual. However, there is undeniable evidence confirming that there is a significant link between women who smoke and the early onset of menopause. Giving up tobacco is therefore of paramount importance for increasing fertility.

Keeping physically active can also have a dramatic effect on levels of fertility in women. Being either overweight or underweight can be extremely detrimental to the chances of getting pregnant. So staying a healthy weight is therefore another key principle to bear in mind when it comes to improving fertility naturally.

Being underweight makes a woman more likely to be at risk from ovarian dysfunction as well as premature births. Being overweight can disrupt a large part of the reproductive process and this includes the quality of the fertilization as well as embryonic growth, two key factors when it comes to getting pregnant. Losing weight is therefore an important point to remember when looking to increase fertility.

The final key factor for naturally increasing the chances of getting pregnant is increasing physical activity. Exercise is linked with the other factors mentioned and numerous studies have shown that women who undertook regular and strenuous physical exercise were much more likely to get pregnant. As well as this, it also delayed the menopause.  It’s important to keep the right balance however as excessive exercise without a sufficient calorie intake can also effect the menstrual cycle and increase the risk of infertility.

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