5 Ideas on How to Write and Personalize a Thank You Note (With Examples)

Thinking of how to write a thank you note that resonates? Check here for different appreciation note ideas and thank you card template for each.

Learning how to write a thank you note is very important. This is because writing thank you notes shows that you’re grateful and value your guests. They were not only present at the wedding but came along with gifts that matter. That’s some sacrifice that deserves thank you cards.

What to write in a thank you note matters. The wedding thank you card wording differs from one to the other. For gifts, money, presence, help, to parents, guests. Etc. The content differs. Write them by hand and personalize them. So, in this post, I’ll show you what to put in a thank you card.

Appreciation for presence

This is regardless of if they brought gifts or not. This note can go to guests or wedding party. Their presence is worth a thousand gifts, so thank you notes are well deserved. Their support no matter how little; made your day a better one. Communicate to them in tones which you would use in person. It doesn’t have to always be formal. Let me show you how to write a good thank you note with examples.


The highlight of my day was seeing you again. And when you did that dance, I knew Quentin was here! I say a great thank you for breaking out of your schedule to witness Ruby and I Wed. We will never forget this gesture. Thank you once again.

James and Ruby

Appreciation for help

Every person who was a part of your team deserves this appreciation. The wedding planner, usher, photographer, stylist, you name it. It doesn’t matter if they are family or professional help, send them notes. If you’re dealing with a professional, beautiful reference would suffice. And if it’s family, let them know they’re irreplaceable. See examples.

Dear Ms. Brianna,

Can you come live with me and keep my life organized as you did at my wedding? My ever efficient wedding planner, you did spectacular. Thank you for being by my side through the wedding. And when I walked into the reception to see the wonder you achieved with the decorator, I knew you were perfect. You’re one of the best decisions I made, and your charge is worth it. Thank you for giving me the perfect day.

Ruby and James

Appreciation to Parents

It’s possible one says this every day, but it’s never enough. They walked through everything with you and stood by your side. They deserve your thanks. While writing, share sweet memories and remind them of something they did that you love. Each of you may write to your parents or contribute to each note. See example.

Mom & Dad,

How did we deserve you? From the first day you set your eyes on James, you’ve been all about my happiness. You took him in and loved him like yours. And on our wedding day, I saw the pride in your eyes. Thank you for all you do for James and me.

Dad, why was your grip so hard when you walked me down the aisle? I almost laughed. I’m still your girl and I’m never going away. Mommy, thank you for seeing that my day was perfect. I saw you put that person in her place. Thank you.

James says he loves you and cherishes the advice to u gave dad. We will see you soon.

Ruby and James

Appreciation for money or gift card

On this one, the wedding thank you card wording must not carry the amount given. Instead, thank the guest, let them know it came in handy for you as a couple. Close with your warmest regards. See example.

Madeline and Paul,

We send you our sincere appreciation for the money/gift card you gave us for our wedding. As couples starting out a new life, this will go a long way to make the most easier.


Ruby and James

Appreciation for gifts

Whether formal or informal, a few things must be part of this note. The name of the gift, why you love it, and your thanks. Mentioning the name lets the guest know that you’re not sending a broadcast to every guest. You know who gave what and value them. See example.

Dear Madeline,

We’re ecstatic about the romantic wall art you gave us for wedding gift. It’s right there on our bedroom wall looking so pretty. We wake up more in love with each other, because it reminds us of the love we share. And it reminds us of you too. Thank you for the gift and thoughtfulness, your gift is precious.

Our warmest regards,

Ruby and James

Now you know how to start a thank you note down to the finish. How to write a thank you note format isn’t hard after all. It is thoughtful and appreciative. And personalizing them makes them even more appealing. Only remember to send them out not more than three months post wedding. Go through the examples and tweak to suit.

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