Climbing Kilimanjaro: Altitude Adventure or How I’ve Started to Know Myself

Many travellers dream about climbing Kilimanjaro – the tallest mountain in Africa (5.895 meters above sea level) and the most significant freestanding peak in our planet. The mountain is located in Kilimanjaro National Park, and it is a trendy tourist destination. However, how such an altitude adventure can help you learn more about yourself? In this article, we will try to answer this question.

Why is Kilimanjaro considered so unique?

There is a widespread belief that Kilimanjaro is accessible for every traveller, who is determined enough to reach the top. Some people call Kilimanjaro the “Everest for Anyone”. Of course, the challenge is still real, and climbing to the top requires good physical strength as well as clear mind focused on reaching the goal. But again, the climb can be considered easily affordable for anyone. When compared with Everest Mountain, Kilimanjaro seems almost childish since Everest requires specialized equipment, high mountaineering skills, rich experience, and two months of climbing. What is more, climbing Everest costs thousands of dollars more than conquering Kilimanjaro.

What differs Kilimanjaro from other trekking destinations is that this mountain is really one of a kind. To reach the top, hikers must pass five different time zones, crossing through diverse landscapes such as rainforests, alpine deserts, and polar-like places around the top.

What is more, Kilimanjaro is a lonely mountain. Standing solely across the breathtaking areas, Kilimanjaro provides travellers with extraordinary views. Hikers can admire hundreds of kilometers of space and panoramas in all directions, which makes the whole experience genuinely distinguishing from other mountain climbs.

A Challenge for your muscles

Presently, many travellers wonder how hard is climbing Kilimanjaro. In the previous point of this article, we wrote that Kilimanjaro is a mountain for everyone. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the route is just a leisurely stroll without a single obstacle. For an unprepared traveller, this high altitude adventure can be a real struggle so you may want to consider researching the Best Kilimanjaro Tour companies. Even if your overall condition is excellent and you have strong muscles, the route leading to Kilimanjaro’s top can appear to be challenging for you unless you haven’t prepared yourself appropriately. If you want to enjoy your journey as much as possible, you should be fit enough to face long distances and harsh conditions.

Consider strength training and/or cardio exercises before the trip to prepare your body for the hiking experience. This way, you won’t suffer much. So, as you can see, climbing Kilimanjaro can help you to overcome your physical barriers.

Try different routes

Several different routes lead to Kilimanjaro’s top, and each of them has unique features and challenges. For example, if you are a beginner who is afraid of loneliness and being entirely on their own, you can opt for Marangu Route. This trail is the most popular one, even crowded sometimes. However, it also has some advantages as it offers a basic shelter. You can sleep in charming huts each nite of your journey if you decide to choose this route.

Concurrently, if you seek for the more challenging trail, you should choose Machame Route, which also offers an abundance of unforgettable views.

Concluding, you should do some advanced research before you plan your journey because the decision you make about the route, will cause a significant impact on your overall experience. However, you may also consider exploring more than one Kilimanjaro trail. It is undoubtedly worth an effort to see this mighty mountain from different perspectives.  

You will never forget the breathtaking view from the top

If you want to conquer the Kilimanjaro’s top, you have to prepare yourself for several challenges. For instance, you will encounter long days on the track, you will face an air which is hard to breathe, you might also have a problem with sleeping or with eating regularly. What is more, you can experience some really harsh conditions due to the weather changes or have some unpleasant issues with your teammates. Climbing the highest mountain in Africa, and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world is not only an exciting adventure but also a very challenging task.

But when you finally reach the mountain top, you will instantly forget about all the challenges that you have just overcome, and you will dive into the feeling of pure joy. The highest point of Africa offers a genuinely astonishing view which can’t be described by any words. Enjoying African plains spreading out in all directions is really an unforgettable experience. At the end of such an adventure, you will know why travelling is so important to you.


Altitude travelling will help you to know yourself better. Challenging routes, long days of climbing, harsh conditions, and tough muscle training will reward you with breathtaking views, encountering new experiences, and developing a new passion. We hope that after reading this article, you will feel excited about new travel experiences. Climbing Kilimanjaro should definitely be on your bucket list if you are going to visit Africa.

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