The Best Routes for an Epic Road Trip in the U.K.

Thinking about taking an epic road trip for your next vacation? Go for it! The conversation, camaraderie, sights, and stops along the way—both planned and unplanned—are just some of the things that make road tripping a uniquely awesome experience.

Of course, you could get your road trip fix by going on a group tour. Following a strict schedule, seeing the same things with the same crowd of (unknown) people. But where’s the adventure and fun in that?

To really get the true road trip experience, it’s better to forge your own path with a handpicked group of friends and family. Set out on the open road with a loose itinerary and explore at your own pace. The world is waiting for you!

Getting in the Mode

Whether by car or motorhome, you’re sure to see and experience new and exciting things while road tripping. Cars have the advantage of being easier to handle on tight and twisty routes. Motorhomes win in terms of comfort and economy.   

Traveling by car means either pitching a tent at a campsite for the night or paying for indoor accommodations. You have to unpack and then pack up again every day, (or every few days, if you like somewhere enough to stay on longer). You’ll also have to take regular pit stops to use the restroom and eat.

Cruising in a motorhome lets you unpack once, cook your own meals, sleep, shower and use the bathroom whenever you want. You can even charge your electronics and work if necessary. Though fueling up a motorhome costs more and gas mileage is not as good as a car’s, the money you save on hotels and restaurants more than makes up for that difference.

Many people find motorhomes are the best way to travel because of the conveniences they offer. Whether you rent or buy, the best motorhome is the one that becomes your sidekick on a great road trip.

Places to Go, Things to See

So what spots should your epic U.K. road trip include? There’s so much history, beautiful coastline, bustling cities, and sleepy little towns to explore. Where you go depends on what kind of a travel experience you and your crew are seeking. Pick and choose which spots fit your personalities and interests best, and chart a course to fun.

Outdoor adventures: Looking for a taste of open spaces and the great outdoors? Head to England’s Jurassic Coast, 95 miles of spectacular natural beauty stretching from Exmouth to Studland Bay. Be sure to check out the incredible stone formation, Durdle Door while you’re there.

Ancient musings.  Of course, you must add Stonehenge to your to do list as well. Once you’re done marveling at the stone circle, wander the Neolithic houses to experience how our ancestors lived 4,500 years ago.

Literary longings. Satisfy the bookworms in your crew with a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare and home to the Royal Shakespeare Theater. Be sure to walk the Historic Spine here, where the town’s oldest and most significant buildings are. Some date back as far as the 15th century!

Bathing beauty. The town of Bath is steeped in history. Visit the Roman Baths to learn more about how important the site was to Roman culture. Visit the Jane Austen Centre and climb to the top of Bath’s Abbey Tower.

Quintessential countryside. The Cotswolds spans 800 miles and five counties full of rural beauty. From 12th century medieval castles to the charming cottages made of Cotswold stone, splendor abounds. Be sure to visit Broadway Tower and the Gloucester cathedral while you’re in the area.

Going Coastal. The North Coast 500, otherwise known as Scotland’s Route 66, takes you on an incredible driving journey. Hugging the Highland coast, you’ll be treated to sea caves and stacks, long beach stretches, the occasional castle, and all sorts of natural beauty.

Loch it up. While you’re in Scotland, why not hunt for the legendary Loch monsters? There’s the Loch Ness Monster, of course. But there are also the lesser-known Loch Lomond monster, Loch Lochy’s Lizzie, and Loch Arkaig Water-Horse (among others). What could be more fun?

Ring it up. In Ireland, the Ring of Kerry offers killer scenery of the Atlantic coast and the Lakes of Killarney. There are many traditional Irish villages along the way, but a must-see is Bog Village with it’s thatched homes.

Take the Throne. Traveling with a fan of Game of Thrones while in Ireland? Visit the 400-million year old Cushendun caves in Antrim, the Dark Hedges in Stranocum, Castle Ward in Strangford, and Inch Abbey in County Down. History comes to life here!

Where to Stay

When you’re ready to settle down for the night, how do you find the best-equipped campsites or park-ups? Look no further than your phone or the Internet, of course.

The Park4Night app shows a great selection of spots to land, complete with pictures to help you choose.

Online, Searchforsites will help you locate a great place to stay during your road trip.

Over on Facebook, join the Campervan Overnight Parking group. With more than 80,000 members, this is the place to get the best recommendations and advice.

If you’re willing to “wild camp” for a night of two without water or other hook-ups, buy the latest edition of Brit Stops, a book listing over 900 pubs, vineyards, breweries, farm and antique shops that offer free parking to motorhomes. How’s that for a different view?

Hit the Road

Try something new. Head off the beaten path. Steep yourself in history, nature, and culture. There are so many reasons to take a road trip sometime soon. So make a plan, grab your friends, and hop in your car or motorhome and hit the road!

Riya Sander

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