5 Ways to Happily Share a Bathroom with Your Partner

Personal space is more important now than ever, and one place where this is most sensitive is the bathroom. Having your routine is essential, and something (or someone) interfering with this can be the reason you start your day in a bad mood.

So, to keep the world’s couples happy and your days frustration-free, here’s 5 ways to successfully share a bathroom with your partner. 

1. Assigned drawers

No one wants to see their precious skincare products buried beneath a range of cheap cosmetics and loose lids. It stops your significant other getting a cheeky scoop of your most expensive hair product and at the same time, you don’t need to worry about the mess of their draw. 

The best ways to do this are through cabinets with evenly sized drawers where you can put all your everyday essentials. Alternatively, if you’re tight for space, try draw dividers, but be careful; they have a tendency to slide!

2. Invest in a double sink

In all other parts of life you might be connected at the hip, however in the bathroom it’s time to truly be independent people. If you have the space, one of the best ways to do this is by having two sink basins where you can both be responsible for your own items. It gives you both plenty of space and means there’s never a queue to brush your teeth or wash your face. 

A double sink is a fantastic solution, however one that also needs to be installed correctly. Be sure to seek the help of experts, to make sure your step towards a happier bathroom is done professionally. 

3. Keep a cleaning schedule (and clean up after yourself!) 

A clean bathroom is a happy bathroom, however when one is shared it’s easy for the nitty gritty to fall down to the first person to reach their hygiene limit. Of course, this shouldn’t be the way, so try establishing a weekly bathroom cleaning schedule where you can alternate in cleaning the space. It might also be worth listing what the cleaning routine includes – you don’t want someone to be doing a half-hearted job! You may also need to contact a drain cleaning service if you have slow or clogged shower drains.

Don’t forget about the common courtesy of cleaning up after yourself either. No matter how big or small, maintaining a fair standard of hygiene is always expected. Whether it’s some stray toothpaste on the sink basin or a bit of hair in the drain, just checking that you’ve left the bathroom in a state you’d be happy to find it in is perfectly reasonable.

4. Give your towels a home 

There’s nothing worse than a damp towel in the morning; especially when you and your partner are competing for space. Find a good area to store your towels, and make sure you fold them up once you’re done with them. Everyone knows that your towel does not belong thrown on the bed. 

If you wanted to wake up to a truly premium towel experience though, consider investing in a bigger heated towel rail that will make your mornings just that extra bit better. 

5. Communicate 

Arguably the most important point on the list, communication. Not everyone works the same way, so by having a discussion on what works and what doesn’t will result in a sense of understanding and progression that will make for a much more enjoyable living environment. When some things get on your nerves, there are probably some things that get on theirs too, so talk about it!

It’s time to enjoy your new fuss-free bathroom that starts and ends your day with a sense of relaxation, peace, and common courtesy. 

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.