What is The Secret to a Successful Date?

With cuffing season about to kick off, romantics up and down the country will be hoping to cuddle up with someone special to keep warm this winter. However, the pandemic has resulted in the majority of dates taking place virtually or people having socially distanced walks around the park, meaning singletons will likely be worried about readjusting to the post-pandemic dating scene. 

But singleton’s need not worry, as new research by London cornerstone jewellery brand, ABELINI, has revealed that 62% of Brits believe the secret to a successful date is to ‘just be yourself’ – meaning we should embrace the opportunity to get back to real-life dating, have fun, and use it as an opportunity to show our potential suitors the best version of ourselves. 

To help you prep for any upcoming date, we share our tips for the secret to a successful date and how to enjoy getting back on the dating scene.


One important part of dating is to make sure you listen. By listening to your date and taking an interest in their life, you will help the conversation flow more easily and both parties will feel more engaged in what is being said. Ask questions, listen carefully to the answers, and be sure to avoid dominating the conversation and talking too much about yourself. One way you can ensure that you are paying rapt attention to your date and that your conversation skills are up to scratch is to practice. You can go on a date with a close friend and roleplay as if they are your match, or even visit somewhere like this Leggings room to meet like-minded people in an atmosphere reminiscent of a date. This way, you know that when you sit down on the big day, you’ll be ready for every eventuality. 

Make good eye contact.

Eye contact on a date is key, as it helps you to build a connection with the other person which will continue to deepen throughout the date. Eye contact is also a powerful tool to enhance honesty, as you can gather how the date is going and get a greater feel for one another by the look in your partner’s eyes. 

Compliment your date.

Who doesn’t love to be complimented and told they look nice, have dressed well, or are funny on a date? Complimenting your potential future partner is a great way to make them feel good and boost their mood throughout the date, whilst also showing you to be a kind and caring person. Make sure not to overdo it though, as this can sometimes come across as over the top and might make them feel uncomfortable. 

Show kindness. 

Manners and kindness cost nothing, and this is something important to remember when dating. Remember to say please and thank you when required and be kind to your date. Avoid making jokes at their expense or saying something which might upset them – you’re there to make a good impression and that is unlikely to happen if you come across rude or unkind. 

Show generosity. 

Whether you’re going out for dinner, starting with a drink, or have an activity planned, there are ample opportunities to show generosity on a date. If you’re the one who asked the other person on a date, it’s the generous thing to do to offer to pay for whatever you had planned, especially if you like the person and are keen to see them again. If you’re the one who has been asked, make sure to offer to split the cost, even if they refuse, as it sets the right tone for another date in the future. 

So, whether you’re getting back on the dating scene or just want to prepare for an upcoming rendezvous, remember to just be yourself, show manners, but most of all just have fun.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.