Double Espresso Drinker? You are Probably Well Read – But if You Drink a Mocha You are No Doubt Sexy

What your choice of coffee says about you

Researchers surveyed the nation’s coffee lovers and revealed that your chosen drink may say more about you than you might have previously thought.

In fact, those whose go-to drink was a double espresso were the most likely to describe themselves as well-travelled (40 per cent), well-read (39 per cent) and boasting a university degree (31 per cent).

However, if you drink a flavoured coffee, such as a hazelnut or caramel latte, you are most likely to be funny, with the highest number of flavoured drink fans (as many as 40 per cent) describing themselves as hilarious, according to the 2,000 coffee lovers who took part in the study.

The most moralistic Brits, unsurprisingly drink a dairy-free choice, such as an oat or almond milk coffee, while the “life and soul of the party” is the most inclined to favour an iced coffee.

The poll of 2,000 coffee lovers, commissioned by iconic coffee and doughnut brand DUNKIN’ UK, also discovered that if you think you’re sexy, you are likely to be a fan of a MOCHA, with the highest number (20 per cent) of those who reckon they have sex appeal, saying their favourite coffee has a dash of chocolate.

Other characters to emerge from the survey of coffee drinkers were straight talkers (white Americano drinkers), good lovers (iced coffee drinkers) and people pleasers (latte drinkers)

Overall, latte was voted Brits’ most popular coffee, followed by the cappuccino and Americano.

The research comes ahead of a major expansion by DUNKIN’ UK into London, with several new stores opening from September onwards including its new UK flagship on Wardour Street, Soho.

A licensee of DUNKIN UK who commissioned the poll, said: “Coffee is a crucial part of so many of our daily routines, so it’s fascinating to see what our order subconsciously says about our personalities and interests.

Our blend of 100 per cent arabica beans is part of our commitment to offering quality coffee at a great price, so whether you’re a well-travelled espresso drinker or trustworthy flat-white lover, DUNKIN’ UK has big flavour in every cup.”

The results also found the average coffee lover downs three cups of the brown stuff every day, with 7:54 am emerging as the average time of the day we have our first cup.

Overall, 69 per cent of Brits agree that the first cup of the day is the best one, with 55 per cent saying they are too tired to function before they’ve had their first caffeine hit.

A routine loving 63 per cent drink the same style of coffee every day, with 66 per cent saying they could never give up their daily cup of Joe.

And the survey shows Brits love to dunk a biscuit in their coffee, with digestives, rich tea, cookies and ginger biscuits being the most common to dunk.

A cheeky one in ten has even dunked a croissant or a doughnut in their cup.


  • Happy – flavoured coffee – 44 percent (the highest percent of “happy” people drink a flavoured coffee)
  • Life and soul of the party – Iced coffee – 12 percent
  • Well-travelled – double espresso – 40 percent
  • Well-read – double espresso – 39 percent
  • Most likely to have a degree – espresso – 31 percent
  • Sexiest – mocha – 20 percent
  • Funniest – flavoured coffee – 40percent
  • Honest and trustworthy – flat white – 62percent
  • Straight talker – white Americano – 38percent
  • Moralistic – non-dairy coffee – 53percent
  • Satisfied with life – cappuccino – 38percent
  • People pleaser – latte – 26percent
  • Comfortable in their own skin – Americano – 42percent
  • Hard working – white Americano – 52percent
  • Best lovers – iced coffee – 24percent
  • Introverts – non-dairy coffee – 28percent

This research of 2,000 British coffee drinkers was commissioned by DUNKIN UK and conducted by Perspectus Global in August 2023.

Peter Palladino

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