YCB’s Christmas Gift Guide: 8 Unique Christmas Presents

YCB’s Christmas Gift Guide: 8 Unique Christmas Presents

8 Unique Christmas Presents

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Whether you’re buying for a fussy nephew or just looking for an alternative to fragrances and gift cards, we at YCB have put together eight of the most unique presents to consider.

8 Unique Christmas Presents

1. A subscription box

Subscription boxes allow you to give your loved ones something new and excitingg every month – without the hassle of selecting gifts yourself. From snacks to beauty products and from books to t-shirts, there are thousands of subscription services across the internet to try out – and it’s up to you whether you choose a one-off box or pay for an annual subscription.

2. Knitted teddy bear

Whether you’re on a budget or just want to add a personal touch to your Christmas gifts, it’s easy to knit a teddy bear or soft character for your children. You’ll be able to turn yarn, some needles, a pair of buttons and some stuffing into a cuddly friend in no time – so get adventurous!

3. Personalised pet bowls

If you know somebody who’s obsessed with their pooch, ordering a personalised bowl is a great Christmas gift. Have their name engraved onto the side or opt for a cheeky message, and you’ll have tails waggling on the 25th.

4. Matched betting account

It’s easy to make money from home using matched betting. Treating your loved one to an account will give them bookmaker bonuses, new offers and the chance to earn thousands of pounds!

5. Experience days

Give your loved ones an experience of a lifetime with an experience day. Hot air balloon rides, zoo keeper days and Formula One racing events are all unique ways to add some excitement to the year ahead and create an everlasting memory, so look around and find an option that works best for your recipient.

6. Wireless headphones

With Apple removing the headphone jack from their latest iPhone 7, investing in a pair of high-quality wireless headphones makes sense. If the Cupertino firm’s AirPods are too expensive, you’ll be able to find cheaper alternatives that offer the same sound quality and phone-controlling convenience by shopping around, with Beats, Sony and Sennheiser all popular choices.

7. Smart home device

As Amazon and Google are competing for the smart home market – releasing the Echo and Home respectively – now is the time to jump on the technological bandwagon. With the ability to request songs and book restaurants at a moment’s notice, this gift is ideal for busy mums and tech-geeks.

8. A holiday!

Want to splash out and treat your partner to something special? There’s nothing quite as exciting as finding a pair of boarding passes in your Christmas card – but be prepared to pack your loved one’s suitcase discreetly if you want to get away on the big day.

There you have it – eight of the very best alternative Christmas gift ideas to give you some much-needed inspiration. Whatever way you choose to celebrate the day, remember to prepare well in advance and choose festive wrapping paper for maximum effect.

Charlotte Giver

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