Winter Timepiece Trends: Minimal Scandi Vibes

Minimal Scandinavian watches

Winter is here which can only mean one thing – Christmas is fast approaching. You may already have your gift list ready to pass round to the Santa’s in your life, or you may be selflessly constructing your gift idea lists for your loved ones. If you needed a little help with this here’s a little tip, (if you hadn’t noticed already) this winter welcomes the ‘Hygge’ trend, getting us all ready to wrap up warm and soak up all things Scandinavian.

Part of this “cosiness” state of mind is all about embracing the entire Danish lifestyle. This could be anything from finding some Scandi treats at a Farmers market, like a great woolen or knit to wrap up warm in, or sharing food with family and friends and snuggling up in a cosy wine bar. So far so good don’t you think? This trend seems to incorporate all the things that can only equal happy times, so why not live by it?

So one thing is for sure, when it comes to choosing Christmas gifts this year, the only way to go is Danish. A new brand that fits so perfectly into this Hygge trend is Tycho Brahe Watches. The Danish founded company creates beautifully crafted timepieces for men, but can also easily be worn by women, based on vintage dress designs. Their watches are timeless and classic, reflecting a minimalistic Scandinavian style. With our current craving for nostalgia and vintage, these timepieces have (excuse the pun) arrived just in time. Our hankering for retro sees us seeking out accessories and designs with a nod to the past. On first look you might think the collection has an aviation feel about it, not surprisingly as the brand is inspired by Tycho Brahe who was a pioneer in the world of astronomy, which ok, isn’t aviation, but it is in the field of science. These timepieces certainly give off a certain level of sophistication; everything from the logo, to the curved glass and symmetry oozes style and class in a very vintage understated way.

Watches with minimal Scandinavin design

A watch is hands down the perfect gift to the man in your life, whether that is your beau, brother or father. Let’s face it, men can be quite hard to buy gifts for, don’t you think? A dazzling timepiece isn’t something we often buy ourselves, it’s a special treat and these watches within the new Nova Stella collection certainly are just that.

The Tycho Brache timeless philosophy is much like the Hygge state of mind and the good news is, Hygge isn’t just for Christmas and of course, neither is a watch. This mindset is essential to Denmark being the happiest country in the world and the secret to Nordic living is something we can start to live by daily. You may be well on your way to scoring major Hygge points already if you’re burning candles at home, as this is said to be one of the biggest Hygge factors.

So it’s definitely time to wrap up warm this winter and embrace some happy cosiness, but  remember to leave a little room on the wrist for a glistening new timepiece.

Tycho Brahe Watches

The collection is shoppable here:

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