10 Top Tips to Help You Sell Your House Fast

top tips to help you sell your house fast

Are you putting your house on the market? Well, not only will you want to get a great price for it, you’ll also want to get it sold quickly so that you can get on with the process of setting up your home somewhere else. Here are ten top tips to help you sell your house fast so you can do just that.

tips for selling your house

1. Get rid of the clutter

You don’t have to de-personalise your property (after all, prospective buyers will understand that you’re still living there!), but it is a good idea to de-clutter it. De-cluttering will help to make your rooms look more spacious, and also enables prospective buyers to better-imagine their own possessions in your house.

2. Touch up the décor

A fresh slick of paint can do a great deal to make your house look smarter, better quality and overall, a better deal! So, if your walls are looking a bit drab, covered in fingerprints, or are simply painted in colours that might be a little too ‘bold’ for a buyer’s taste, do some decorating. Neutral colours such as whites and creams are a good idea if you want to cater to a broad market.

3. Fix or replace problem areas

As well as addressing the décor, you should be attending to things that need fixing or replacing. The reason for this is that some buyers will be put off from buying if they can see that they’ll have to do some work themselves, or they may try to haggle you down from your asking price in order to recoup some money for the repair work they’ll need to do. Do it for them so that buying your house seems like a walk in the park. You may start with repairs and maintenance like water damage restoration, septic cleaning with the help of professional septic services, electrical repairs, a new air conditioning installation, etc.

4. Maximise natural light

Even if it’s something buyers are only aware of on a subconscious level, natural light makes people feel happy, and ultimately more attracted to your house. Open the curtains, hang mirrors to bounce light around the room, and be sure to switch lamps on if you have to conduct viewings on gloomy days or evenings.

5. Clear the air

As much as the visual aspect of house-hunting is important, other senses count too. Make sure that your house smells fresh and clean when you have prospective buyers coming over for a viewing – open windows, get rid of pet smells, and even use vinegar to rid yourself of the smell of cigarette smoke. Don’t forget to empty bins and unblock drains, and use your nose to see if you can smell damp!

6. Consider selling your house online

Selling your house online could be one of the single quickest ways to speed up the process. Rather than paying for high-street estate agents and having to move as quickly as they can get people through your door, you can list your property online, update your listing whenever you like and see viewer feedback automatically in your account. Online estate agents can sell houses in about 25 days, which is an awful lot quicker than using a traditional estate agent – just visit HouseSimple.com to see how it works.

7. Make the front door look welcoming

When it comes to selling houses, first impressions count. And what’s more impressive than a beautiful front door? Make sure yours is in good condition (replacing it if necessary) with a working doorbell or knocker. Sweep your porch, fix the squeaky front gate and make sure the bins are out of sight, or at least neatly tucked to one side.

8. Sort out the garden

Similarly, the condition of your outdoor space plays a huge part in selling your property. If you have a grassy area, make sure it’s mown and that greenery is kept trim. If you have a patio or a concreted yard (however large or small), consider investing in (or even just borrowing) a small garden table with chairs. A little touch like this will suggest that your garden is big enough to relax and entertain in, which is particularly helpful for sellers looking to secure buyers for a property with minimal outdoor space.

9. Be available for viewings (and second viewings!)

If you’re serious about making a quick sale, you’ll need to be flexible and accommodating of prospective buyers. Ensure you’re available if they want to view your property, or give permission to someone else to show them round if you can’t be at home to give them a tour. Requests for a second or third viewings are a good sign, and it could really pay off if you’re welcoming of prospective buyers (and their parents, friends and anyone else they want to hear a second opinion from!).

10. Price it right

Finally, you stand the best chance of selling your home quickly if you actually price it properly. Try not to fall into the trap of over-valuing your house, even if you think it’s the most beautiful property on the street! Have it professionally valued by multiple people, and ultimately settle on an asking price that reflects a realistic expectation, not your highest hope.

Try these ten top tips and see if you’re able to sell your house more quickly than you otherwise would!

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