Lab Diamond Engagement Rings: An Ethical Alternative to Mined Diamonds

Lab diamonds hold 100% identical chemical, optical and physical properties to mined diamonds, making them the perfect alternative to mined diamonds. As the name suggests, lab diamond engagement rings are created in a laboratory through replicating the high temperatures and high pressure conditions which occur in the Earth’s crust where natural diamonds form. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, displaying the same fire, sparkle and brilliance as natural diamonds, making it impossible to distinguish between the two.

Today we have the jewellery experts from Lily Arkwright here to give us a comprehensive rundown on lab grown diamond rings.

How are lab diamonds produced?

The process of how lab diamonds are made replicates the natural process of how mined diamonds are formed. However the difference being, one is formed by a natural reaction within the earth’s crust over millions of years and the other under strictly controlled conditions in a lab in a matter of months. There are two main ways of producing lab grown diamonds: CVD and HPHT, Lily Arkwright they sell both CVD and HPHT diamonds as both methods equally produce exceptional results of high quality lab grown diamonds. The Diamond Foundry has a really informative video explaining the production process of lab-grown diamonds.

Why should you consider a lab grown diamond ring?

Exceptional quality: Lily Arkwright works with various world-class laboratories with cutting edge technology and diamond tools to produce the highest quality lab grown diamonds. Every lab-diamond sold by Lily Arkwright is fully certified and accompanied by the industry standard IGA, GCAL and GIA grading report which overviews the 4 c’s of diamond specifications: cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. So you can be confident that your diamond has been expertly crafted and have the peace of mind that your lab diamond meets your specific requirements.

Sustainable and eco-friendly: The process of growing diamonds in a lab ensures the highest quality gemstone for your engagement ring with peace of mind knowing no community has been harmed and a lower carbon footprint.

Celebrity endorsements: The rising popularity of lab grown diamond engagement rings is not only amongst the general population but also favoured amongst many celebrities. Environmentalist and celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio came out as an investor in the diamond foundry, in the early days of when lab diamond jewellery was beginning to be made widely accessible. Other celebrity supporters include Meghan Markle to Emma Watson, lots of celebrities have begun to appreciate and sport lab grown diamond jewels.

Budget friendly: Lab grown diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds with lower environmental impacts yet just as luxurious, dazzling and durable. On average lab diamonds equate to around 30% less than their mined diamond counterparts. The reason for the drop in price is due to a smaller production chain and timescale, less people are involved in the production of lab diamonds. Therefore, lab diamond engagement rings are perfect for those who desire a real diamond without the financial cost associated with mined diamonds. For those seeking even more options to explore, visit

Considering a lab diamond ring?

If a lab diamond or moissanite engagement ring sounds like your dream ring or has simply sparked your interest, you can find out more information about Lily Arkwright and their lab grown collections by giving call them on: 0161 537 6773, or alternatively you can email their jewellery consultancy team at: or book an in-person consultation.

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