TikTok’s Most Unusual Beauty Trends

Move over Grunge Glam and Bold Lips (the unusual beauty trends are taking over TikTok).Tomato Girl MakeupStraw Contouring and the Blue Foundation trends are taking over!

WeArisma has today revealed the most unusual beauty trends taking TikTok by storm!

1. Meredith Duxbury’s Foundation Routine

More is more when it comes to this viral TikTok trend with beauty influencer Meredith Duxbury showing her followers how she achieves her flawless make-up routine. The influencer can be seen layering on lots of foundation and concealer to achieve a flawless skin finish.

Duxbury uses a total of 10 pumps of foundation – seven of Huda Beauty’s #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Liquid Foundation and three of DIOR’s Forever Skin Glow Foundation for this make-up look.

This make-up challenge received a total of 31,189,549 engagements according to influencer marketing analytics company, WeArisma with Cathy Nguyen (@coconutcathy) topping the influencer charts for this trend with 4,363,550 engagements.

2. Tomato Girl Make-up

This trend pairs natural, clean skin with blood-rushed cheeks to give the skin a tomato-esque hue. Light amounts of both bronzer and blush are swept across the bridge of the nose and up to the high points of the cheeks to add colour to where the sun would naturally hit. Dubbed the ‘tomato girl aesthetic’ for its red-ish undertone, this trend has been sweeping TikTok with many users recreating the look.

Whilst many brands are featured in the numerous videos, among the top-engaged with videos is one by Atosa Aghakhani (@atosaaghakhani) whereby the influencer uses REFY Cream Bronzer in the shade Sand and Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Red Hot Susan across her cheeks to create this look.

This make-up challenge received a total of 898,320 engagements according to WeArisma with Atosa Aghakhani (@atosaaghakhani) topping the influencer charts for this trend.

3. Straw Contouring

Straw contouring is a literal term whereby those applying the make-up use the end of a straw (yes, the drinking kind) to apply liquid foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer, dotting the make-up over every part of their face and then blending out with a brush.

Global cosmetics brand NYX Cosmetics used this to their advantage and partnered with TikTok beauty influencer Colleen Milner(@colleen.make-upp) to recreate this look using only NYX products. 

This make-up challenge received a total of 20,687,287 engagements according to WeArisma data with Emily Temby (@emilytembymake-up) topping the influencer engagement charts for this trend.

4. Blue Foundation

Foundation tutorials are nothing new on TikTok, but it may have caught users by surprise to see influencers using blue foundation. One influencer revealed that blue foundation can be used alongside traditional foundations to help offset yellow undertones, which can make foundation a more true-to-skin colour for those with pink undertones, resulting in a more natural look.

The LA Girl Pro. Matte Foundation Mixing Pigment in Blue was the product recommended to try this trend with.

This make-up challenge received a total of 36,884,998 engagements according to WeArisma with Darcei Amanda (@missdarcei) topping the influencer engagement charts.

5. Cold Girl make-up

The ‘Cold Girl’ make-up look is being recreated across TikTok, where users try to emulate the look of just coming in from the cold. The tutorial involves pale skin, coupled with rosy, pink cheeks and dark eyelashes and brows, with a pink-ish red lip stain.

Whilst there are no single stand-out products for this look, according to WeArisma data, this trend received over 1,782,061 engagements with Alena Gonzalez (@alenagnz) topping the influencer charts for her inspired look.

6. Latte make-up

Last, but certainly not least, of TikTok’s unusual but wonderful beauty trends, the ‘Latte make-up’ trend, has swiftly emerged as Gen Z’s innovative response to the classic ‘bronzed goddess look’.

Notably, influential figures like Hailey Bieber have enthusiastically embraced this trend. Across the TikTok community, users are embracing the art of the ‘Latte make-up’ trend, capturing the essence of the summer aesthetic. The trend revolves around a sophisticated interplay of warm brown and nude hues.

Capitalising on the vitality of this trend, Armani Beauty has masterfully harnessed its potential by collaborating with TikTok beauty influencers such as Suzie Bonaldi (@suziebonaldi), Kayliah Balou (@kay.mbl), and Romane (@romaneinnc), who used Armani Beauty’s products to create the ‘Latte’ appearance. According to WeArisma data, this trend has received over 74,776,744 engagements with Kayliah Balou (@kay.mbl) topping the influencer charts for her inspired look.

Anabel Cooper

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