Jurlique’s Natural Beauty Must-Haves for Home and On-The-Go

If you’re looking to add a little spa-inspired luxe to your daily routine, Jurlique should very much be on your radar. I was asked to try out this Aussie skincare brand’s favourites – as well as their new aloe vera collection – so I switched out my usual routine for their natural, essential oil-infused products to see if they’re as powerful as their divine fragrance suggests.

Not heard of them? A little back-story: Jurlique was founded in 1985 and their approach is all about working in harmony with nature. I did a little research and it’s not lip-service; they have a seed-to-skin approach that sees them grow all their organic, botanical ingredients on their farm in Australia’s Adelaide Hills, with everything harvested by hand.

The new line-up gracing my bathroom shelves includes the Nourishing Cleansing Oil, the Purely Age-Defying Firming Face Oil and the Moisture Replenishing Day cream.

I began with the cleansing oil – albeit with some apprehension, as my skin tends to be slightly oily – and was relieved to see it emulsify, turning milky as I massaged it into my skin with wet hands. The scent is aromatic and spa-like with a decadence that gives me flashbacks to borrowing my mum’s Decleor oil aged 15. My skin felt super fresh afterwards with no trace of oil.

I followed up with the firming face oil, full of essential fatty acids for hydration and rock samphire extract dubbed retinol of the sea. I was intrigued. And I must have been dehydrated because my skin drank this up, leaving no excess oily residue, just a bouncy glow reminiscent of my pre-motherhood skin. I’d never considered using two oil-based products in my routine before, having combination skin with its own natural sheen, but I’m a convert.

Completing the routine is the ultra-luxe day cream, made with a blend of avocado oil, shea butter and beeswax to soothe, hydrate and protect. This is a rich formula that feels like it’s locking in all that hydration and moisture. For me, this works best as a night cream that leaves me looking all dewy in the morning. For those with dry or normal skin this is a 24/7 saviour that’ll make the perfect base for make-up with added *glow*.

To complement these hydrating morning and night skincare luxuries, I tried out Jurlique’s new exclusive edition aloe vera collection featuring the mist and hand cream. They’re made with naturally derived humectants and aloe vera grown on the farm, and blended with citrus, green tea and cedarwood extracts.

I’ve never bought into facial mists, assuming they’re superfluous to my skincare routine and just a little bit extra. I realise now I’ve been missing the point. Don’t I deserve to feel the fresh burst of cooling, aromatic hydration whenever I like? Yes, yes I do. Living in London with its problematic pollution and oven-like underground means I totally deserve it. The mist brings me joy with every spritz, so it’s earned a place in my handbag and gets whipped out whenever I need a boost. Or the underground is especially fragrant. And at 100ml, it’s begging me to take it on my next flight.

The rich hand cream is another hydrating product with a complementary scent that melts beautifully into your skin – and another take-everywhere product for on-the-go hydration.

Home or away, my new Jurlique collection has added a little luxury to my day with its beautifully aromatic essential oils and effective natural ingredients. I adore the ritual of massaging the oils into my skin, with the added benefit of stimulating circulation and reducing my morning puffiness while I’m at it.

The full range, including the Exclusive Edition Aloe Vera collection & Face Mists, is available at jurlique.co.uk.