The Benefits of Disposable Contacts for Those Who Travel Regularly for Work

In a world that embraces fast-paced lifestyles and constant mobility, eyewear plays an integral role in our daily lives. More and more people are being prescribed corrective lenses of some kind, thanks to the rise in screen time and other lifestyle changes that contribute to our collective deterioration in eye health. 

While glasses have been a staple for vision correction over the years, an increasing number of individuals are now turning their attention towards a more convenient and liberating solution: disposable contacts. The allure of these small, versatile lenses lies in the transformative benefits they offer, liberating wearers from the constraints of traditional eyeglasses.

That’s particularly true for those who travel a lot for work. If you’re among them and you’re considering replacing your glasses or reusable contacts with disposable ones but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, then keep reading. We’ve listed some of the key benefits of disposable contacts for anyone who spends a lot of time in transit. 


Disposable contacts are designed for single-use or short-term wear, typically ranging from one day to two weeks. They eliminate the need for cleaning and storing solutions, making them extremely convenient for travellers who may not have easy access to these amenities while on the go. Unlike glasses, disposable contacts require no cumbersome frames or constant adjustments. With a simple, thin lens that adheres directly to the eye’s surface, wearers can revel in the freedom of unobstructed peripheral vision and a natural field of view.

Ease Of Ordering

Ordering disposable contacts is quick and easy, especially if you work with the right supplier. For example, Lenstore offers you the chance to order contact lenses without a prescription. That means that you can send them your prescription and they don’t need to verify it, which saves you time when ordering your contacts. So, if you’ve got a work trip coming up that you forgot about, or you’ve only just been invited on, then you don’t have to worry about waiting ages for your new contacts to arrive. 


Glasses can feel heavy on your face and often slip down your nose, requiring regular adjustment. Luckily, disposable contacts offer enhanced comfort for wearers. Crafted from advanced materials that promote better breathability and moisture retention, these lenses provide a comfortable fit even during long hours of wear, making them ideal for the demands of active lifestyles and extended work hours when you’re travelling for your job. 

Space Saving

Disposable contacts are designed for single-use or short-term wear, typically ranging from one day to two weeks. They eliminate the need for cleaning and storing solutions, making them extremely convenient for travellers who may not have easy access to these amenities while on the go. You won’t need to pack bulky bottles of contact lens cleaner or other products, and you can simply pop the blister pack with your lenses in it into a side pocket. 

Reduced Risk Of Loss Or Damage

Losing or damaging contact lenses while travelling can be stressful. With disposable contacts, the risk of losing expensive lenses is minimised since they are easily replaceable and affordable. If one lens gets damaged or lost, you can quickly switch to a new pair without disruption. To avoid any issues, make sure that you always pack an extra pair or two of your disposable contact lenses. As they’re so small, it’ll be easy for you to carry spare lenses on any trip, so you don’t need to worry if a few get lost or damaged. 

Improved Vision

While contacts and glasses will have the same prescription, it can be easier to see through your disposable contact lenses. Since disposable contacts are replaced frequently, they are less likely to develop surface defects, which can impact vision clarity. Enjoying optimal vision is essential, especially during business trips that may involve important presentations or meetings, so disposable contacts can be a great alternative to easily dirtied solutions like glasses. 

Saved Time 

During busy work trips, every minute counts. Disposable contacts save time since you don’t have to spend time cleaning and disinfecting lenses daily, allowing you to focus on your work commitments. All you have to do is pop the contacts into your eyes, and you’re good to go. When you’re done, just throw them out. This quick and easy process is ideal for busy travellers who are juggling a packed schedule with managing their workloads. Knowing that you have a new, clean pair of lenses each day or week can provide peace of mind during your travels, allowing you to concentrate on work and enjoy your journey.


While reusable contact lenses might reduce waste, they’re not ideal for your health, especially if they’re not kept clean. In fact, reusable contacts can more than triple the risk of some preventable infections. When you’re travelling and working at the same time, it’s even harder to remember to keep your reusable contacts clean. With disposable contacts, there is a reduced risk of eye infections and irritation since you start each trip with a fresh pair of lenses. Frequent replacement prevents the buildup of protein deposits and debris, ensuring better eye health during your travels.

Manage Allergies Easier

Reusable contacts or glasses can build up a layer of grime and particles, which can include items that you’re allergic to, like pollen. Disposable contacts allow you to use fresh lenses, reducing the likelihood of allergen buildup and minimising eye irritation. Travelling to new locations may expose you to different allergens that can irritate your eyes, and you might carry these particles back to your hometown with reusable corrective lenses. With disposable ones, you can throw away used lenses when you’re done, so you don’t have to worry about carrying allergens around with you. 

Before you switch to disposable contacts or make any changes to your contact lens regimen, it’s essential that you talk to your optician. They can provide personalised recommendations based on your eye health and lifestyle. You’ll then be able to ensure that you get the right lenses and keep your eyes healthy as you work your way- literally and figuratively- around the world.

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