Stress-Free Car Journeys with Kids – TikTok Hacks

With the bank holiday coming up, a lot of families will be setting off on days out and weekends away before the summer holidays come to an end – but a long car journey with young children isn’t always the most relaxing way to spend your weekend. According to a 2020 study, one in four parents have felt distracted by children in the car, and nearly one in five have had an near-miss with an accident as a result. If you have been involved in such accidents, make sure that you hire a car accident injury lawyer to help you seek compensation for your injuries or property damage. The compensation you’ll get can help you pay for your treatment and the repair fees your local collision repair center will charge for your car.

Motoring expert James Baker from RegCarCheck presents 7 tips and hacks from TikTok to keep the kids entertained – and make your journey as stress-free as possible!


This user, who has posted hundreds of parenting hacks, suggests filling a shower caddy with toys, books and pens, that can be attached to the window with suction cups to keep everything organised. She recommends using whiteboard pens so the kids can draw and write on the windows to keep them busy – and it can be easily removed with a tissue or a wet wipe! 

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Sometimes, putting their favourite TV show is the only thing that will keep them entertained, and you can make your own phone or tablet holder for hands-free viewing. Place your device inside a ziplock sandwich bag or an A4 plastic wallet. Take the headrest off the front seats and use the metal bars to secure the holder before replacing the headrest, and letting them watch their favourite show. 


This user suggests attaching a hanging shoe rack from the front seats and filling the multiple pockets with everything you might need. Add toys and games, snacks and juice cartons, and practical things like wet wipes and sunscreen.


If you’re taking a potty, take some nappies too, as this TikToker suggests – tear the sides of the nappies so they can lay flat, and use them to line the potty, for a much easier clean up after an emergency road-side toilet break. 


Motion sickness is not fun for anyone, especially for kids on a long journey, but this user has several tips to help. The nausea is caused by your body being unbalanced, but this user says that overheating can play a part, so she suggested cooling migraine patches and portable fans to keep them cool. Other tips include smelling cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil and playing with fidget toys to keep their minds off the motion of bumpy roads. 


This mum has a very clever hack for your journey home – how to keep your car seats cool. After a long day out with the car parked in the sun, the car seats, especially the plastic and metal parts, can get very hot. She suggests covering the car seat with a light-coloured muslin, pillowcase, or t-shirt to keep it cool and not be more comfortable for babies and children to get into. 


Finally, this user suggests keeping a grabber tool in the car so whoever is in the passenger seat can reach toys and other things that children in the back have dropped, to avoid a meltdown. She also recommends a roll of bin bags in case the above motion sickness tips don’t work!

Brenda Kimble

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