These are the Most Popular Ways Brits are Planning to Propose This Christmas

Christmas is a time when many of us come together with family and friends to celebrate and make lasting memories. Amidst the festive decorations and songs, there’s also a trend of couples taking a big step in their relationship: getting engaged. 

To understand where and how these special moments are happening, Marlow’s Diamonds has looked into the most popular places and ways people in the UK are planning to propose during this festive season by looking at average monthly Google searches during the November – December period. 

The findings offer a glimpse into the romantic trends shaping this year’s holiday proposals.

Using Christmas Ornaments is the most popular way to propose this Christmas  

It’s no surprise that many choose this time of year to make lasting memories with their partners, combining the festive spirit with the act of proposing adds an extra touch of magic to the moment. As people search for the best way to pop the question, people in the UK are searching for a mix of traditional and fresh, fun ideas. Here’s a look at the top methods gaining traction in the UK:

Christmas Engagement Ornament (310 monthly searches) This involves gifting a special ornament or bauble, often hung on the Christmas tree, with an engagement ring attached or hidden inside. It’s a lovely blend of festive spirit with the surprise of a proposal.

Christmas Eve Proposal (70 monthly searches) Opting for the night before Christmas, this idea centres around using the magic and anticipation of Christmas Eve to pop the question. It might be over dinner, by the fireplace, or even as part of the festivities leading up to the big day.

Advent Calendar Proposal (20 monthly searches) Here, an engagement ring is hidden within one of the days of an advent calendar. It’s a playful twist that builds excitement as the days lead up to Christmas.

Christmas Puppy Proposal (20 monthly searches) For pet lovers, this idea involves presenting a new puppy with the engagement ring attached to its collar. It’s not just a proposal, but also the gift of a new furry family member.

Christmas Light Proposal (10 searches) Using festive lights to set the scene, the proposal might be done amidst a backdrop of twinkling lights, or even with lights spelling out the question. It’s all about the glow and warmth of the season.

Paris is the most popular place for proposals this Christmas season 

When it comes to popping the big question, the setting can make all the difference. Our research shows where people in the UK are considering their big proposal moments this Christmas season:

1) Paris –  Paris, often seen as the City of Love is the most popular with 390 average monthly searches. Its romantic ambience, charming streets, and iconic landmarks make it a top pick for many looking to start their engagement journey.

2) New York – Just a bit behind, New York comes in second with 260 searches. Its festive atmosphere, combined with the iconic skyline and Central Park’s snowy charm, seems to capture the hearts of many considering a proposal.

3) Lake Como – Scenic and peaceful, Lake Como received 170 searches. Its breathtaking lakeside views, dotted with quaint villages, offer a serene backdrop for that special moment.

4) London – Proving that you don’t always need to travel far, London has 160 monthly searches. The capital, with its rich history, Thames River views, and a range of intimate spots, remains a cherished location for many Brits. 

5) Iceland – With 140 searches, Iceland stands out for those seeking something different. The promise of the Northern Lights and its stunning landscapes provides a setting that’s both unique and memorable.

Anabel Cooper

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