Where in Europe are you Most Likely to be a Victim of Pickpocketing?

Where in Europe are you most likely to be a victim of pickpocketing?

Where in Europe are you most likely to be a victim of pickpocketing

Whether it be a tourist looking to take in the sights, or a citizen born and bred: any person can fall victim to pickpocketing. The issue has even become a popular topic for custom law essays. It’s very hard to fight pickpocketing, so you need to know how to minimize the risk. There are some hotspots, however, that are a haven for such activity. As you might have guested, these havens are also areas of high tourist traffic.

If you are travelling this summer and don’t know how much of a budget you need for your time away, Nowloan released a great breakdown for how much your daily budget should be for majority of destinations around Europe. Individuals must be aware of their surroundings and their belongings in such pickpocketing hot spots. Where are these European pickpocketing hot spots, you ask? I shall elucidate. 

1. Barcelona, Spain

Las Ramblas, Plaza Catalunya, Barrio Gotico and Carrer Montcada are several of the most documented locations that are prime pickpocketing areas within Barcelona. And be careful when taking the tube where pickpocketing can easily happen to the best of us. With over 7.5 billion tourists visiting this beautiful Spanish city each year, any individual could be a potential target.

2. Rome, Italy

Termini, The Via dei Fori Imperiali, Piazza di Spagna and Trionfale are the hotspots of Rome. The cultural brevity and historic landmarks draw in enormous tourist numbers that present easy targets for pickpockets.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

pickpocketing in Prague

The Old Town Square, The Charles Bridge and Karlova Street exhibit exquisite cobbled streets that are packed with at least 5 million tourists each year. Those on holiday are most vulnerable to the pickpocketing scene.

4. Madrid, Spain

The risk of pick pocketing in Madrid

El Rastro, The Metro, Puerta del Sol and Casa de Campo offer authentic markets and a robust atmosphere. Such a mix is prime grounds for unnoticed theft.  Madrid’s pickpockets commonly employ distraction techniques, working in teams of two or more to achieve the goal.

5. Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Champs-Elysées and the Lourvre offer the perfect atmosphere for several occasions. From holidays and the fashion weeks to romantic honeymoons, over 30 million visitors flock to Paris each year. Pickpocketing is takes place among such large numbers on a daily basis.

6. Florence, Italy

The risk of pick pocketing in Florence

The Ponte Vecchio, The San Lorenzo Market and Santa Maria Novella are both astonishing and most noted areas of Florence plagued by pickpocketing. The common pickpocket within Florence dresses smart and employs the city’s public transportation system. It is during rush hour that the pickpocket is most active, pickpocketing visitors and unsuspecting citizens alike. Public landmark such as those previously mentioned are also targeted areas to pick pockets.

7. Amsterdam, Holland

How to avoid pickpocketing in Amsterdam

The Red Light District, Dam Square and Central Station draw in huge numbers. Amsterdam does via such liberal and tourist-friendly destinations. Unfortunately, pickpockets also plague these streets. There is not a great deal of consistency among the pickpockets. This can be bothersome for citizens and tourists alike. The look ranges from petty thief to smartly dressed, organised pickpocket. Stay alert!

8. Athens, Greece

How to avoid pickpocketing in Athens

Omonia Square, Metaxourgio, Monastiraki and Syntagma are just a handful of Athens’ highly frequented tourist attractions. Security at these particular areas are lax given the fact that Athens’ most beautiful attractions are monuments and outdoor landmarks. Marveling at such beauties gives away the idea that one is a tourist. Naturally said behaviour draws the attention of pickpockets.

9. London, England

The risk of pickpocketers in London

Last, but not lease, is London. Oxford Street, Camden, Regent Street, Soho, and Piccadilly Circus are what some might consider the bread and butter of tourist attractions, as well as busy London living. With 17 million tourists visiting yearly, pickpockets have plenty to choose from.

Pickpocketing can be an issue. And we must all remember to stay alert and try our best to stay safe. Citybase Apartments offers the power to look for homes in areas that offer a piece of mind for your safety and enjoyment of all the world’s wonders.

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