Searches for ‘Wedding Guest Dress’ are up by 171%: Fashion Expert Shares 5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Dress

A recent viral tweet from @gabyxrielle got over 41K likes and style credentials for suggesting an ultimate dress comeback and it seems everybody is in agreement. 

As wedding season fast approaches, a renaissance is on the cards and this figure-flattering bodycon dress does make an unreal wedding guest dress this season.

Choosing a wedding guest dress can be a challenging but crucial task so fashion expert and Senior Creative Manager at PrettyLittleThing, Talia Johnson, shares five top tips on how to to earn the best-dressed guest title:

1. Do your research

“First things first, preparation is always key. 

“If the bride and groom have opted for a colour themed wedding, this should be the main consideration when selecting your dress. Regardless of the colour chosen, this shouldn’t limit you when it comes to the material choice.

“For example, for a green theme, why not choose a statement texture to amplify the look, or for a pink theme, go for a silky style for a classy vibe.

“Also, try to find out what the bridesmaids will be wearing too, this will avoid a wardrobe clash or a ‘who wore it best?’ situation.”

2. White is off the wish list

“As a guest at somebody else’s special day, your goal is to support the couple and not upstage the bride. It’s wedding guest etiquette to keep white, ivory and cream off the wish list to prevent any unwanted upset and allow the bride to shine effortlessly.”

3. Fit for purpose

“No matter the season, UK weather can be very unpredictable, so your dress has to be adaptable for anything the weather throws at you. 

“If unsure, opt for a midi dress that can be comfortably styled for any weather. Nevertheless, for a warmer wedding, don’t be afraid to go a little shorter to match the summer vibes.”

4. Stay true to yourself

“Never feel limited in your choice. Always stay true to your own style and personal preferences. 

“Bear in mind that the bride and groom have invited YOU knowing everything that entails and would ultimately want you to feel comfortable in your dress choice.”

5. Consider seasonality

“Pastels could bring more smiles to spring, bolder colours may pop in the summer, whereas neutral tones bring a classy autumn and deeper colours could bring in a stylish winter.

“Consider seasonality when choosing your dress and use this to your advantage to filter through your choices.”

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