Silk Pyjamas that aren’t Just for Bedtime

Let’s be honest. If there was ever a time when you wore your business professional clothes at your desk from home, that is now out the window. These days, working from home is becoming the norm and blazers with boot heels are a distant memory. The Zoom camera has been switched off and the majority of the morning involves a tatty dressing gown and unbrushed hair. Does this sound familiar? It can be all too easy to get stuck into this slouchy rut, so here are some tips to stay cozy and get the most out of your time working from home, without completely losing it. 

Give Yourself an Hour

With no morning commute and nobody to make an effort for, the snooze button is thriving. It can be clicked at least ten times, absolutely guilt-free. However, as heavenly as a sleep-in may be, taking some time to yourself in the morning before getting down to work is essential. Nobody should commute directly from the bed to the desk that will be sat at for the following eight hours. That is simply self-sabotage. Being bombarded with morning emails whilst shovelling porridge into your mouth is the most effective way to start your day off on the wrong foot. An hour to properly wake up and prepare for the day before work does wonders. During this hour you could pop out for a walk, indulge in a proper breakfast, organise yourself for the day and take the time to actually wake up before going into work-mode. 


With nobody to impress but yourself, washing the hair every day might become that little bit more strenuous of a task. Fair enough, the hair experts swear against a daily shampoo anyways. The makeup bag may also be getting less action. No harm, it’s good to give the face a breather. However, what you certainly shouldn’t start slacking in, is a morning cleanse. A good facial routine with cold water is the perfect wake up trick. In fact, why not go all out and invest in one of those de-puffing jade rollers to roll away the hints of a wine-filled weekend? After your cleanse, make sure you SPF. Although you’re a million miles away from lying on a beach in the blistering heat of the sun, you’re still not safe. The blue light emitted from digital devices such as computer screens also damages the skin, causing wrinkling, pigment changes and stretchiness.

Silk Pyjamas

Karl Largerfield once said, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” I often wonder if this quote still stands in current circumstances, and if so, what’s the verdict on day time pyjamas? The urge to stay in pyjamas all day long is real. In fact, searches for pyjamas have surged by 71% over the past two weeks alone. Having said that, if you’re sitting at your desk in a matching cotton set with ‘Life is Better in Pyjamas’ written across the chest, you have, in fact, been defeated. 

The only way to combat this defeat and remain cozy for the day is to go for a pair of silk pyjamas. As the temperature begins to drop and the winter nights are drawing in, there’s nothing better than a set of lavish pyjamas. Boux Avenue’s all new Satin Nightwear collection have made it possible to have a pj day and still look smart enough for video calls. The stylish, silk sets are perfect for a night-in, a pamper evening with the girls, or a long day at work. 

With that, I conclude my top tips on how to work from home and not transform into a couch potato-slob. It’s easy to get lax and unproductive when you’re not fully accustomed to the work from home routine. So, implement a solid morning routine to wake up and take charge of the day, a thorough cleanse to keep the skin fresh and glowing, and a set of fabulous night-wear to keep feeling good about yourself.  

Josie Wilkins

Josie is a Journalism graduate from Galway, Ireland. In her free time, she writes for her blog, Naturally Fuelled (@josiewilkins on instagram). When she isn't writing, she enjoys playing the one song she knows on the piano, 'I Giorni', saving the postman from her aggressive Shorkie, and defending brussels sprouts as an all-year-round snack!