Open Your Purse For Total Travel Comfort With Stylish Flats

Picture the scene. You’ve already clocked up the steps just walking around the airport lounge and now your tootsies really aren’t relishing an agonising hike to the gate. Or perhaps your flight is late landing and you need to make a dash for it, to catch your connection?

Could it be your feet have swollen whilst flying above the clouds? Maybe heels prove entirely the wrong thing to be wearing on deck? Or have you arrived at your destination and realised that tropical heat soon has feet crying out for mercy, when soles blister and straps cut in?

Any woman who has hobbled around due to shoe torture, will quickly agree that it’s a tad embarrassing and extremely uncool. Luckily, it’s wholly unnecessary too.

A firm fave here at the YCB offices, if you include divine and foldable brand Cocorose London and their pretty travel shoes in your jet‒set plans, you can either spend your entire journey in total comfort, or swap into these amazingly comfy and gorgeous flats after a stint in your stilettos, heels or platform wedges.

Cocorose hand-crafted ballerinas fast-track your feet to a state of feeling cocooned, thanks to features such as double-cushioned insoles, padded Achilles heels, flexible rubber soles and designs that work in synergy with the natural movement of your feet.

Loved by none other than the beautiful Pippa Middleton, who have been spotted out and about on a number of occasions wearing her favourite slippers, Cocoroses are on hand for when you need some relief!

There are Cocorose London flats for all seasons, whether the mercury is soaring, or the rain is tipping down. For sunny destinations, you can choose beautiful ballerinas in soft fabrics.

If grey skies are anticipated, there’s a range of stylish leather foldable beauties that will resist the raindrops.

All come with their own little pretty zipped purse, from which you can conveniently unfurl the shoes and pop them on. You can then pull a Cocorose shoulder bag from out of the purse’s back pocket, if you need something in which to carry shoes from which you’ve made a switch.

The purse can fit inside an on-flight bag, or mid-to-large handbag, or just be packed inside your suitcase. With lots of different designs and colours available to suit your holiday wardrobe, you can opt for something bright and distinctive, or a pair of neutral-tone shoes that will go with anything. There are even vegan choices.

So, whether it’s Desert Gold for the Sahara, a Black Leopard ballerina for safari, embroidered Snowflake ballet shoes to swap into once the ski boots are off, or chic Juliet for the sweltering summer streets of Verona, there’s bound to be something within the 30+ foldable choices within Cocorose’s exquisite collection to catch your eye.  Prices range from £25 to £90.

Head to to peruse and buy. Just look out for any styles that mention the purse!

Charlotte Giver

Charlotte is the founder and editor-in-chief at Your Coffee Break magazine. With a background in PR working in Los Angeles and Barcelona, Charlotte has been running Your Coffee Break from the YCB HQ in London’s Covent Garden for the past 6 years.

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