How Servcorp Can Help You Choose the Ideal Coworking Space for Your Business

Servcorp serviced offices can provide businesses working in London with onsite office space. With three locations in the city, you are bound to have access not only to the requisite tools needed to function but you get to experience working in one of the greatest cities on Earth! However, as the number of coworking spaces has increased making it hard to separate the crème from the dregs, finding the perfect place does not have to be a task in futility.

With the help of Servcorp, one of the oldest serviced office providers, your business can be fitted out with office space that meets the needs of your business while placing you in proximity to downtown resources and people with whom you can build relationships. Typically, Servcorp London’s coworking spaces provide businesses with a number of amenities, but the plans are customisable to meet the needs of the individual business. Take a look at the coworking options Servcorp London can provide your business by clicking on the link here.

Let’s take a closer look at how Servcorp can help your business to find the perfect coworking space for your business needs.

Three Fabulous Locations  

Servcorp services three locations in the city, each one providing your business with a professional appeal. Sitting in the middle of London’s business district, Dashwood House is considered in the New York of global finance. The building sits near major landmarks including St. Paul’s Cathedral, House of Parliament, The London Eye, and Europe’s tallest skyscraper, The Shard. The building offers renters a panoramic view of the city, but more importantly, it is close to transit and dining establishments. For those businesses really trying to put on the gloss, this building that mixes contemporary designs with Victorian architecture is a go-to for corporate interests.

Leadenhall Building, aka The Cheesegrater, offers businesses the same panoramic view of the city as Dashwood House, but it is a newer building. The building’s architecture, if anything else, speaks to the London landscape which juxtaposes antiquity with modernity. In the middle of the financial centre, it is accessible to transit and diversions as well.

If you want to trek to West London, Mayfair Place’s Devonshire House is located near some of London’s most famous streets, for example, Piccadilly, Stratton Street, and Berkeley Street. While not in the middle of the financial business centre, this location offers businesses the chance to be surrounded by a picturesque scene. More importantly, this landmark has been retrofitted to fit the needs of modern business.

The Fit Out

While the fit-out might differ, these offices provide your business with the chance to work in some fancy digs in the city. Not only do you get exposed to the professional environments that characterise these areas, but you might also find the surrounding community very accessible and approachable from the coworking platform. Furthermore, each building has all of the modern technologies needed to function online with a little bit of personality to make the space interesting. Those looking for office space in the city only need look at these three options in coworking to find the perfect fit out for their business.

Let Servcorp Help Make Your Choice  

These beautiful offices exude character while being furnished with some of the finest in office décor. With Servcorp, your office can give you access to all three offices in London and beyond. 

Go online and visit Servcorp’s London website. You will see that the corporate fit out in London’s three locations can be the platform for establishing your business in the city:

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