5 Ways to Care For Your Jewellery This Winter

Whether you’ve invested in a timeless piece of jewellery, or been treated by your other half, it’s always important to ensure you properly look after and care for the item, especially if it’s worth a substantial amount. You should be caring for your jewellery all year round as every season has its hazards, however winter can be especially detrimental to delicate jewellery pieces as there are many elements that add to them being damaged.

The jewellery experts at Veritas Gift have given their 5 tips on caring for your jewellery this season.

1. Make sure it fits

This is quite obvious but still quite a common problem with new jewellery, especially if it was bought as a gift, as sizing can be a little off. The colder temperatures can cause fingers to constrict which makes jewels such as rings much more likely to fall off, before you head out for your day, give your fingers a little shake to ensure the ring is tight on, if it feels lose you may want to leave it at home to prevent losing it.

2. Winter sports

With winter being the season for sports such as skiing and snowboarding, and many groups heading on holiday to get on the slopes, this is also a time where losing jewellery happens often. Wearing your jewellery or even engagement ring on the mountain puts you at a higher risk of losing or damaging it, you may run the risk of chipping or breaking the Jewellery also. It’s best to leave all jewellery back at your accommodation so you know it’s safe.

3. Watch the jumpers

Winter woolies are imperative over the cooler season, however they can sometimes be problematic to those who love wearing lots of jewellery. When you put on and take off your jumpers and outerwear be careful not to snag against any clasps or delicate chains, many dainty pendants can easily break from being tugged that little too hard.

4. Winter accessories

You wouldn’t think it but winter accessories such as gloves and mittens can become a hazard to your fine jewellery. Ring prongs can snag the inside of gloves and mittens and cause the gemstones or diamonds even to become loose and potentially fall out.

5. Cleaning

You will want to make sure you keep your jewellery clean as winter is when the dirt can build up, and in the colder months tarnishing can become a big problem. The best thing to do is to try and limit exposure to makeup, lotions, and any other substances such as those, as these all contain chemicals that could damage the surface of semi-precious stones and metals. The best way to clean your jewellery is by using mild soap, warm water and a small brush.

Charlotte Giver

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