I’m a Skincare Expert and Here are My 4 Top Tips for Hydrated Skin this Winter

Cecilia Ross, Founder of Cecilia London is a top London facialist and skincare expert. Below she provides her 4 top tips for keeping your skin in tip-top condition this winter….

With cold winds settling in for winter, our skin is going to need some extra TLC. If you’ve enjoyed the sun this past summer, then it’s likely that your skin’s barrier is going to be damaged and unable to cope with the new, colder weather conditions, resulting in dry, dehydrated skin, particularly for those suffering with rosacea/sensitive skin.

Here are some tips to try and heal your skin so it’s ready for winter!

Use a hyaluronic acid mask but leave it on overnight – Adding a hydrating mask into your routine 1-2 times per week will help to heal your skin’s barrier, but why not leave it on overnight, allowing it to absorb fully.

Stop with the skin cycling! If like many you’ve started using retinols such as Tretinoin, it is best that you ease off them. Keeping usage to 1-2 nights maximum per week, you’ll avoid causing damage to your skin’s barrier by controlling dryness. We are here for glowy skin- not flaky skin!

Wear SPF! Now I know what you’re thinking- ‘there’s no sun, why would I need sun protection’ – well, not only because the harmful UVA rays still penetrate the skin through the dark clouds- but because it will act as an extra protective barrier against the cold and winds.

Use a thicker moisturiser – A thicker cream is always a good way to up your skin’s daily moisture in the winter- but remember you don’t have to use the heavier cream every day as it could lead to congestion. The best thing you can do for your skin is to judge what it needs each day.

Start using LED – Red LED Light is amazing for accelerating hydration and giving you a glowy complexion every day. It will calm redness, and sensitivities and help to restore your skin’s barrier. Do this every night and you’ll see results instantly, continue using it long-term and you’ll see benefits such as anti-ageing and plumping.