How to Create the Best Haircare Routine for Your Hair Type

Have you heard of the ‘everything shower’? The term has been circulating on beauty Tok with 179.9K views for #everythingshowers and it involves a rigorous pampering session including clarifying shampoos, hydrating tresses with a hair mask and oiling for added shine.

Experts at professional haircare specialists Neäl & Wølf have weighed in on the trend and revealed a guide to the ultimate ‘everything haircare routine’ including the must-have products for all hair types.

Laura Elliott, head stylist and educator at Neäl & Wølf comments: “The first step in creating the perfect haircare routine is to figure out your hair type, whether this is coarse curly hair or fine straight hair, knowing this is key to achieving happy and healthy tresses and ensuring you’re using the right products.”

Coarse hair

Laura comments: “The tell-tale sign of having coarse hair is if it feels dry or rough to touch. A lot of people with this hair type struggle to nail down a good haircare routine that can tame their tresses, but it all comes down to the right moisturising products that replenish dry strands.”

  • To keep coarse, frizzy, and dry hair at bay you need a lot of moisture and hydration.
  • Due to the hair being thicker, you can opt for denser shampoos and conditioners but be sure to avoid sulphates. Try Neäl & Wølf’s Harmony Intensive Care Shampoo and Conditioner to provide moisture from within.
  • Coarse hair is prone to product build-up so it’s recommended to switch shampoos every few months, so your hair doesn’t get used to the same product.

Medium hair

Laura says: “Medium porosity is the more common hair type and sits between coarse and fine. Medium hair will hold hairstyles better than thin hair and is more resistant to breakage but still requires frequent moisturising and strengthening treatments to maintain the hair’s health.”

  • One of the main components of a good haircare routine is cleansing, focusing on the scalp since hair health starts here.
  • Look for a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner that helps to freshen hair leaving it full of shine and ready for styling.
  • Aim to cleanse your hair as and when it’s needed, and avoid leaving your hair unwashed for long periods of time, this can weigh the hair down and clog the hair follicles.
  • Add a hydrating hair mask to your routine, using this once a week will help to retain and restore moisture to the hair, look for hair masks with nourishing ingredients such as Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Crambe Abyssinica Oil to restore dry hair strands.

Fine hair

Laura comments: “There are a lot of misconceptions about fine and thin hair, most believe they are the same hair type but this is wrong. Fine hair refers to the hair strands themselves and thin hair refers to the density. The good thing is the perfect haircare routine for both hair types stays the same.

The main goal when caring for thin or fine hair is to nourish strands, limit damage and add volume.”

  • To add umph to your hair incorporate a volumising shampoo into your routine that’s formulated with hair strengthening ingredients to give extra body and shine to fine tresses.
  • Follow with a lightweight conditioner, fine hair is prone to tangling easily so adding in a moisturising conditioner will help hydrate and make brushing easier. If you still struggle with knotty hair try Neäl & Wølf’s Miracle Rapid Blow Dry Mist to help reduce frizz and static when drying.
Rachel Bartee

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