Ice Globes: Your Skin Will Thank You for Making Room in Your Freezer

I can’t be the only one who’s been tested by the recent hot weather. Call it an Indian summer or summer 2.0, but with the mercury recently hitting highs of 32 degrees, we could all do with some extra ways to help beat the heat. 

So, as luck would have it, it was a particularly puffy-eyed morning when I was asked if I’d like to try out some ice globes. Having read more and more about the benefits of facial massage, I was keen to test them out to a) de-puff and rediscover my cheekbones via the magic of lymphatic drainage, and b) feel the icy goodness! 

Skincare tools are having a moment, from the thousands of TikToks reviewing massage tools to gua sha and facial rollers on sale everywhere. I’ve personally used a jade roller on and off over the last few years to give my skin a boost when I’m feeling less than fresh. However, the added element of ice-cold temperature was something new to me.

I received my ice globes, popped them into the freezer ready to test them out in the morning. I did briefly consider whether my busy morning schedule allowed for an extra step in my skincare routine, but I figured the 10 minutes I spent scrolling Instagram over a coffee really wouldn’t be missed. So I put my phone down – but kept the coffee, obviously – and braced myself for an icy wake-up call.

First up, I tried the Bondi Body Cryo Facial Sticks which came in a convenient little container that’s freezer-safe. I loved the colour combination of the copper metal globes with turquoise handles. I cleansed my skin, applied a generous amount of my favourite face oil and began rolling the sticks over my face as I would if I was massaging the oil with my hands. 

My technique was clumsy at first, but I quickly got into the swing of it – especially once I saw the instant effect it had on my skin. My pores appeared to shrink and I had a fresh-faced pink glow like I’d just been frolicking in the snow, not waking groggily on a warm September morning in east London. So far, so good. 

The next day I tried out Stylpro’s Facial Ice Globes. These lilac globes are made with hand-blown glass and felt ultra luxe thanks to their gift-worthy box and foam grip handles. By this point my technique had improved; I let the globes glide over my face smoothly with sweeping motions going outwards, down my neck and towards my decolletage. This seemed to help with the overall de-puffing effect. I looked like I’d slept a full eight hours, which rarely happens.

With regular use, the benefits are meant to be endless. They can lift your complexion, enhance circulation, reduce eye circles and help drain your lymph nodes. I’d also read that the ice-cold globes have a cryotherapy effect, as the extreme cold constricts the blood vessels which can reduce the appearance of swelling.

The result? After a few days’ use, the ice globes had me looking perkier and more refreshed. This became a feel-good element of my routine – an act of self-care, if you will – that elevated my mornings and got me feeling all energised for the day. A caffeine kick for the face.

As for collagen production, only time will tell. But aside from the aesthetic benefits, the instant cooling effect is magic. I look forward to using these after hot stuffy nights and anticipate them coming into their own during winter, too, when central heating plays havoc with our skin.

Want to try them out for yourself? Get your icy glow on with The Bondi Body Cryo Facial Sticks, £39, available at, or the Stylpro Facial Ice Globes stocked by Sephora, which are yours for £34.99.