Should a Change in Season Mean a Change in Your Skincare Routine

One of the best things about K-Beauty skincare is that there really is a product for everything. Our skin’s behaviour is constantly changing, and the range of products available in Korean beauty routines means you can be reactive to the ever-changing needs of your skin. 

Knowing your skin type is the best way to establish your initial skincare routine, but this can evolve to accommodate the needs of your skin. As the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest! Don’t feel like once you’ve established a routine, you should rigidly stick to it. While your skin type won’t necessarily change, you may find your skin’s needs alter seasonally. 

Korean skincare is especially great for complex and combination skin because you can tailor your regime with a wide range of products to specifically target problem areas. 

How Do Seasons Affect Your Complexion?

Some people may not see a huge amount of change in their skin’s behaviour as the seasons change, but people with sensitive skin and dry or acne-prone skin types often experience breakouts during periods of seasonal change. 

Preparing Your Skin for Some Sunshine

As we move into warmer UK weather, it’s really important to up your sun protection. Lots of K-Beauty enthusiasts credit year-round sunscreen usage with the much coveted “glass skin” results of a Korean skincare routine. But if it’s not something you usually incorporate into your daily routine, it’s a good idea to start as we shift into spring to get into the habit before summertime! 

Fortunately, Korean sunscreen is nothing like the thick white suncream we normally associate with sun protection. K-Beauty brands recognise the importance of getting sun protection with a product that you can slot into your usual skincare or makeup routine. They are lightweight and fast-absorbing, so they don’t leave a feeling of heaviness on the skin. Sunscreens like the Innisfree No Sebum Sunscreen also provide high levels of protection without the risk of an oily complexion and helps combat breakouts.

Korean sunscreen is superior to regular suncream in that they offer extremely high levels of protection as standard. Most sunscreens, like the COSRX Snail Essence Sun, have an SPF protection of 50+ and PA+++ UVA protection ranking — a little goes a long way!

Managing the Effects of a Change in Temperature

A change in season will mean a change in temperature, which also affects your skin’s behaviour. Warmer weather has differing effects — for some people, this means dry and cracked skin, while for others, it can mean breakouts of oiliness and blemishes. 

It’s important to remember that the changes to your skin with the seasons are only temporary and your skin will soon settle. Fortunately, Korean skincare is full of handy products that are fast-acting solutions to problem areas. 

Korean face masks are a great way to hydrate complexions that are dried out by warmer weather. Sheet masks and overnight masks, in particular, can provide intense hydration as your skin adjusts to the season change. Use these daily initially; then you can reduce the frequency as your skin begins to acclimatise! 

K-Beauty is also second to none in providing solutions for breakouts that can arise from sweat and residue on the skin’s surface. During the summer months, the increase in perspiration can clog pores, leading to blackheads and pimples. Targeted blackhead removal products and pimple patches work quickly to help rebalance your skin as it reacts to seasonal change.

Change in temperature doesn’t just refer to the weather either. Be mindful of how seasonal shifts affect your exposure to central heating or air conditioning, as these can dry out your skin at home or in the office. The change in weather can also mean you’re having cooler or hotter showers, and all of these factors contribute to changes in your skin’s behaviour. 

To shop Korean skincare products according to your skin type, head to K-Beauty UK to discover your new skincare regime today. 

Anabel Cooper

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