Get a Stunning Blow Out at Home: How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer

The rise of the blow dry bar business is proof enough that blow outs are all the rage these days. However, you don’t need to pay for one every time you want to look stylish. All you need is to buy a top-quality hair dryer and study a few (dozen) videos on how to get an amazing blow out at home. The latter is easy to do because there are hundreds of videos like this on YouTube. Finding the perfect hair dryer for you will be more of a challenge. To succeed in this, you’ll need to consider your hair type, research modern technologies, and learn quite a bit about power and what it means for a device like this.

Consider the extra features you need

It might seem strange to think about extra features before you decide what type of a hair dryer you should buy. However, the features that truly matter are the same for every kind of this device. Therefore, you need to know that you should look for those when you move on to choosing between different hair dryer options.

The features you need are the ‘cool’ setting and multiple heat settings. Those are necessary to not only help you style your hair better (the ‘cool’ feature is an absolute must for reducing the frizz) but also to protect your hair.

Quite recently, research proved that demonizing the hair dryer was a mistake and that using it is actually healthier than air drying. Although, you shouldn’t forget that heat styling is always damaging to some extent. One of the main reasons to buy the best hair dryer is to minimize this negative impact. You will also need to use other tools to stop the heat from getting to you. Playing around with varied heat settings on the hair dryer can only do so much, so applying specialized protection products is imperative to get the best results.

Pick the right hair dryer for your hair type

If your hair is thick and temperamental, you’ll need an ionic hair dryer. This type will dry your locks the fastest, therefore, there will be less risk for it to frizz. If you have curly hair, this particular tool will be a great help in shaping your curls without making them too “fluffy”. Ionic hair dryers can produce fast results even at lower heat settings. This is another reason why they are good for curly hair, which is more vulnerable to damage.

Tourmaline hair dryers run on the same principle ionic do, so you can use this kind instead. However, they are far more expensive and a high-quality ionic dryer isn’t cheap by default.

If your hair is severely lacking in volume, you should go for a ceramic hair dryer. This particular type of tool is much better at heat regulation, which means it won’t damage your thin fragile locks as much as other types. It also helps make your hair more smooth and shiny while easily creating the lift you need for adding volume. Ceramic hair dryers distribute heat evenly, which makes them a good choice for working with long hair.

Porcelain hair dryers are similar to ceramic in efficiency, so they also work best for thin, dry, and fine hair. So do ionic dryers, which are getting more popular today because they cause less heat damage.

The final popular type of a hair dryer today is titanium. You can use it for any type of hair because it distributes heat very efficiently. But bear in mind that it’s the “heavy hitter” among hair dryers. This means that it’s the kind of tool you should be using if you have a lot of hair, regardless of its type.

Titanium hair dryers also work best for blow outs, so if you plan on mastering this hair styling trick and rocking it, this is the right piece of equipment to invest in.

Get enough power

This should be easy as the only rule to follow here is to look for a hair dryer with the power of no less than 1500 Watts. Nothing less can give you a proper blow out.

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