Creating Your Dream Nursery with Oliver Furniture

Beautiful designs and superior standards set Oliver Furniture apart. Founded in 2003, Oliver Furniture craft gorgeous statement pieces that bring a magical touch of luxury to every child’s room. From beds and wardrobes to handy storage boxes and shelves, their skilled team create stunning wooden items that melt Nordic craftsmanship with modern aesthetic and stylish design. 

Oliver Furniture create with children in mind. The Oliver team know that a child’s room nurtures development by accommodating their growing bodies and expanding imaginations. The range includes everything you need to furnish a newborn’s room as well as sturdy essentials perfect for your free-spirited seven-year-old, so they can have a beautiful space whatever their age.

Simple yet inspiring, Oliver Furniture encourages blossoming creativity. Their bed can be a dragon cave at one moment and a reading den the next; your child’s mind deserves breath and freedom to flourish. Oliver Furniture is inspired by the pure artistry of their imagination and gives them the space they need to dream big and aim high. Because your little one should have nothing less than the very best.

Oliver Furniture’s Nordic roots are at the heart of every item they produce. Based just north of Copenhagen, Oliver Furniture takes its inspiration from a culture known for compassion, calm and community. Traditional forms combine with a clean, modern aesthetic to create stand-out pieces that blend effortlessly into your home décor. Confident lines and gentle curves characterise the brand and make every piece malleable to your style, whatever that may be. 

Two exquisite ranges are available: Wood and Seaside. The Wood Collection takes its inspiration from simple Scandinavian curves to create versatile forms perfect for every nook and cranny. The Wood Collection achieves a wonderful harmony that balances tradition with a little touch of whimsy to create beautiful items you and your little one will love. What’s more, you can personalise your chosen item by selecting a pure white finish or opting for a two-tone style if your décor calls for a warmer feel. 

The Seaside Collection is a synthesis of style and function. Combining classic details with fun beach house living, The Seaside Collection features elegant pieces that complement both modern and traditional homes. Beautifully proportioned items bring harmony and poise, while the decorative cornice moulding adds a sophisticated touch of expression. 

With more than 20 years of experience, the Oliver Furniture team create timeless pieces that bring style into conversation with functionality. Each item is rigorously tested at the Danish Technological Institute and complies with the strict EU standards for health and safety, ensuring that only the very finest makes it into your child’s room.

Oliver Furniture designers are parents as well as craftspeople, so they understand that safety is a top priority. Only toxic-free paints are used, and every hand-crafted item undergoes thorough testing to guarantee that all surfaces are 100% free from harmful substances. What’s more, you can rest assured that you are choosing furniture that will endure the rough and tumble of play: with Oliver Furniture’s five-year warranty, you know you are investing in bespoke pieces that last.

We all want to do our bit for the planet, and Oliver Furniture is the perfect home furnishings brand if you seek items that are just as sustainable as they are stylish. The wood is sourced from European forests and produced at local furniture factories. Not only does this help to reduce air miles and pollution, but the community-based approach ensures that Oliver Furniture can maintain personal relationships with their suppliers. Genuine friendships and creative partnerships lead to stunning results you and your little one will adore.

Whether you are looking for a bespoke bedroom item or space-saving storage solution, Oliver Furniture has the perfect piece for you. All the classic bedroom essentials are on offer, as well as unique new items such as lounge beds and clothing racks. With a varied range of styles and designs, you are sure to find something to delight you, your little one and your home.

Oliver Furniture is the brand to choose if you want items that guarantee style, sumptuous comfort and solid durability. You know that you are equipping your child with the very finest while creating a space for them to grow and dream. Oliver Furniture is fashionable and safe in equal measure, perfect for making your home beautiful as you bring lasting joy to your little one.   

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