How to Make Your House a Home: 4 Quirky Ideas

As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is. From the one-of-a-kind cosiness of your own bed to the comforting smell of home-cooked meals, there really is no place like home.

But nailing that homely interior feel is no easy feat. Whether you’ve just moved into a new abode, or you’re simply struggling to create that classic cosy vibe, the trick to making your house a home is all about making it you. So, today, we’re offering you 4 quirky ideas to help create that authentic homely feel.

Artwork and antiques

To add a personalised touch to your interior, visit an auction house in the UK to find that unique item that really defines your home.

Artwork has hung from the walls of the home for centuries for a reason. If you’re looking to make a room come to life, the addition of a cool and quirky art piece won under the hammer will prevent your walls from looking bare or boring. From colourful paintings to black and white drawings, vintage photographs to retro comic posters and prints, look for that special something that really shows off what you’re all about.

Antiques are also a great way of injecting personality into any room. Whether it’s a precious collectible that quickly becomes your pride and joy, or some classic antique furniture for a look inspired by the past, antiques are a unique way of achieving an interior style personalised for you.

Think outside the box

To save yourself the pain of creating something from scratch, try thinking outside the box and simply spruce up the assets your house already has.

Work out how you can give a little TLC to areas of the house left unloved to help create that feeling of home. If your fireplace isn’t in use, for example, make it a natural focal point and fill the space with something creative and quirky, such as grouping a collection of candles together or placing some wicker baskets or a stack of wood there while it’s not being used.

Think of ways you can utilise the existing space, making it look all cosy and snug, and adding that extra layer of welcoming warmth to the room. Alternatively, create a small scene of your favourite books or perhaps even place your new antique there, to instantly replace emptiness with character.


We all know what really makes a house a home is the memories we have there. From birthdays to Christmases, new arrivals to last goodbyes, our emotional connection to a space is what really creates that feeling of belonging in any property.

Dusting off your old photographs and displaying them around the house is the best way of creating that emotional connection to your interior through pure nostalgia. Again, thinking outside the box, ponder how to express yourself through their display while establishing an interior style that’s in line with the rest of your space – anything from old wooden frames to polaroids hung on string work here; it’s all about what suits you.


Houseplants have plenty of benefits that make your house feel homey, in addition to having various health and environmental perks. First off, they look beautiful. Placed anywhere from the windowsill to the dining room table, plants brighten up any room with their vibrant colours and irresistible smells. However, aesthetics aside, plants are scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and boost mood, meaning your house becomes your wind-down spot, helping you feel truly comfortable. We also like to think outside the box here and decorate with a mix of houseplants and roses or wildflowers for example to strike the balance of prettiness.

The trick to making any house feel like home is that unique sprinkle of you in each room. Following these 4 quirky tips, with your own added touch of personalisation, you can turn your property from a house into home sweet home.

By: Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a content creator at Featonby’s, a specialist antiques and collectibles auctioneers based in North Tyneside, England.

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