Home Lighting – Popular Lamp Styles For The Darker Season

Lamps and home lighting have been around in the world of interiors as the most fave element of decoration. As we’re officially entering the darker period everyone loves to have a sophisticated lighting fixture in their homes which can light up the vibe of their living space by providing just the right degree of illumination. Whether it’s a practical table lamp or the more extravagant statement piece, shopping for a lamp to lift your home’s mood is one of the most exciting things you can do when upgrading your home with new decor pieces. The most joyous thing is probably that lamps are available in a number of fun styles and types from which you can choose according to your style preferences and needs. To shine some light on your Monday, here are some of the different styles of lamps available on the market today.

Table Lamps:

Table lamps are one of the most commonly used types of lamps in homes. Andlight gulvlamper is the best example of modern table lamps which are frequently used in modern bedrooms and living rooms to add a stroke of style in living spaces. Table lamps are good for saving space and achieving target lighting. They also provide a good degree of ambiance lighting. Read more about moon lamps and how you can take in the magical beauty of the moon every night with it. Table lamps comprise of a base, a wand and a lampshade within which the bulb is attached to the wand.

Desk Lamps:

Desk lamps are perfect to jazz up the day to day monotony of routine tasks and to boost productivity. Desk lamps feature an adjustable rod upon which the bulb is attached. A lampshade is present around the bulb. The wand is usually bent at an angle which suits the target lighting. Desk lamps range for classic metallic frame lamps to modern glass lamps.

Floor Lamps:

There is nothing better than a good floor lamp when sturdiness, functionality, and longevity are the major concerns.

Floor lamps feature a heavy base upon which a long rod is attached. The bulb is attached at the tip of this rod and it may or may not be surrounded by a lampshade. Floor lamps can be adjusted to various heights and angles depending upon the user needs. Floor lamps can illuminate the whole living space if they are placed strategically.

Buffet Lamps:

Buffet lamps are mostly used for decorative purposed. Buffet lamps take very little space and they are usually placed on end tables to illuminate the area. Good for target lighting, and your little reading nook, buffet lamps are available in contemporary metal frames or trendy wooden frames.

Torchiere Lamps:

Torchiere lamps are one of the favourite lamp designs which are enjoyed by sophistication interior lovers. These lamps feature an upward design in which the lampshade disperses light in an upward direction. The lamps get their name from the upward dispersion of light which is similar to the functioning of a torch. Torchiere lamps may have a metal body and angled lampshades or a modernly styled body having tinted glass lampshades.

Arc Lamps

Arc lamps are a perfect pick for a multi-purpose floor lamp. They have an adjustable body which exhibits a certain degree of flexibility. The light is dispersed overhead of the lampshade and the base is kept far away from any falls caused by abrupt movements. Arc lamps are good for target lighting.

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