Engagement Ring Nails: How to Nail the Look According to a Nail Technician

Searches for ‘engagement nail ideas’ have increased by 42% over the past year, and the hashtag #engagementnails has garnered more than 94 million views on TikTok.

Choosing a timeless accessory like an engagement ring is more than just what style catches your eye. In fact, one in four surveyed jewellery enthusiasts say that when selecting a ring, they make sure it aligns with their preferred nail shape.

As such, Pandora UK has collaborated with Tinu Bello, A-List Manicurist, and Senior Mylee Ambassador, to reveal the most flattering stone shapes based on nail shapes.

How to select the ideal stone shape to compliment your nail shape

Round nails

Diamond ring stone shapes that elongate the fingers and create the illusion of length tend to be most flattering for those with round nails.

“Oval-shaped diamonds have a long, graceful silhouette that visually stretches the fingers, making them a great match for round nail shapes. They add elegance and charm to the hand, creating a timeless and sophisticated look.”

Almond nails

Almond nail shapes, recognised for their slender and tapered look, pair best with diamonds that enhance the elongated and graceful contours of the fingers.

“The elongated and pointed shape of marquise diamonds mirrors the tapered appearance of almond nail shapes, creating a cohesive and harmonious look. Marquise diamonds elongate the fingers further, enhancing the slender and graceful aesthetic.”

Square nails

Square nails, characterised by their straight edges and flat, square tips, pair well with diamond shapes that mirror the angular lines and geometric nature of the nails.

“The square or rectangular shape of princess-cut diamonds aligns perfectly with the geometric lines of square nail shapes. This creates a cohesive and harmonious look that emphasises clean, angular aesthetics.”

Ballerina/Coffin nails

Ballerina nail shapes, or coffin nails, have an elongated, tapered form with squared-off tips. Diamonds that enhance the sleek and contemporary appeal of these nails are an excellent choice.

“Baguette-cut diamonds, with their long, rectangular shape and step-cut facets, complement the elongated silhouette of ballerina nails. The linear facets of baguette-cut diamonds add a touch of elegance and refinement to the overall look.”

Stiletto nails

Stiletto nail shapes, characterised by their long and pointed design with a narrow tip, are complemented by diamonds that accentuate the sharp, dramatic lines of these nails.

“The tapered point of pear-shaped diamonds complements the sharp, pointed tips of stiletto nails, creating a cohesive and harmonious look. Pear-shaped diamonds add elegance and femininity to the hand, enhancing the overall allure of the nails.”

Top tips for selecting the perfect nail shape to suit your engagement ring, according to a nail technician

For brides-to-be, Tinu provides helpful tips for working with your nail technician to ensure your engagement ring’s diamond perfectly complements your nail shape.

1. Collaborate with your nail technician when considering your engagement ring style

“When considering your dream engagement ring, it’s a good idea to team up with your nail technician to explore different nail shapes and shades of colour to suit your hand and personal style. By experimenting together, you’ll gain a better understanding of how various nail styles complement potential engagement rings, making the decision-making process smoother.”

2. Coordinate your nail shape with your chosen engagement ring

“By coordinating your nail style with your ring selection process, you can achieve a harmonious aesthetic that accentuates the beauty of both elements. This thoughtful consideration enhances your overall experience and ensures that every detail, from your ring to your nails, reflects your personal style and preferences impeccably.”

3. Adhere to the rule of symmetry

“Embracing the rule of symmetry is paramount; it ensures that the curves, lines, and points of your diamond harmonise flawlessly with your nail shape. Achieving this balance involves meticulously selecting a diamond shape and setting that aligns with the contours of your nails, resulting in the perfect harmony between your engagement ring and your manicure.”

The step-by-step journey to selecting the ideal shape, cut and setting of your dream engagement ring

Pandora UK’s diamond specialist Emma Fox guides you through the journey of curating your dream ring, from selecting the ideal shape to understanding the perfectly paired setting.

1. Select the diamond shape

“There are so many diamond shapes to choose from, including classic round stones and more distinctive pear or heart shapes. Browsing your options online or in-store is a good first step to take. Consider personal style, hand shape, and the overall aesthetic you envision for the ring.”

2. Consider the diamond cut

“Once you’ve chosen a shape, you need to consider the cut. The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance and sparkle, as well as the overall beauty of your ring. It can also accentuate the overall size of the stone, meaning you get the look and feel of a much larger diamond without the associated cost.”

3. Explore diamond settings

“From classic prong settings to intricate pave designs, each setting style offers a unique way to enhance the allure of your diamond. Consider the overall aesthetic you desire for your ring, as well as practical factors such as durability and security.”

4. Match the setting to your diamond

“Pair your chosen diamond with a setting that accentuates its unique characteristics and complements its shape and cut. A round brilliant diamond may shine brightest in a timeless prong setting, while a princess-cut gem could dazzle in a sleek bezel or channel setting.

5. Consider lifestyle factors and comfort

“As you select your setting, consider your lifestyle and daily activities to ensure both beauty and practicality. Opt for a secure and comfortable setting that suits your lifestyle, whether you lead an active outdoor lifestyle or prefer a more low-key approach.”

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