Can This Drink Really Help You Lose Weight? Nutritionist Reveals Why The Latest Celeb Craze May Really Work

We often think of losing weight as being very complicated, but it’s actually extremely simple – you just need to eat less.

Maintaining a healthy weight can seem like a daunting task, but it’s essential to lead a healthy life. While eating less may be the key to weight loss, it’s easier said than done, and indulging in sugary treats or skipping workouts can make it even harder. For those struggling with weight loss, there is good news. Our collaboration with Nutritionist Angela Dowden has uncovered the benefits of the latest craze among plus-size people, Plus Size Zeal, which provides valuable information to promote well-being.

Lateysha Grace successfully shed the weight after gaining 21lbs on Celebrity Big Brother and tearing her dress, while Holly Hagan is known for having gone from a size 16 to an 8.

“According to Public Health England adults eat 200-300 more calories a day than we should. To stem the obesity trend, they are urging us to try to stick to 400 calories for breakfast, 600 for lunch and 600 for dinner”.

This is great advice to help maintain weight, but to lose 1-2lb a week the NHS recommend 1400 calories for a Woman – that’s a reduction of over 800 calories for the average British woman.

Nutritionist Angela Dowden told YCB: “Most people know they should follow a healthy balanced diet, but when you need to reduce daily intake by up to 800 calories that’s hard for anyone.

“When I was asked to look into Skinny Sprinkles, I realised that when combined with a calorie controlled diet it could genuinely help people who struggle to reduce portion size, who feel hungry after their meal or are constantly looking for their next snack.”

This is where Skinny Sprinkles can help, by helping you to feel fuller before a meal it takes away the desire to over eat enabling you to focus on enjoying the flavours and sensations of healthier food.

Over time your body gets used to smaller portions and healthier food choices become more instinctive, added to that if you were overweight to begin with you feel healthier and get your buzz enabling you to focus on exercise and fitness.

“It’s all about changing habits, from unhealthy habits to healthy habits. If you can make that change, living a healthy life is attainable. It is no miracle cure and it does need to be taken alongside a calorie restricted diet. But in my opinion, it’s a good choice and could work for many people”.

The well-documented success of the drink – which is not limited to famous stars – proves that it really does work.

Dairy Worker Marc Evans from Prestwich, used Skinny Sprinkles to help him lose an impressive five stone. He said: “Because I get up so early for work, eating at proper meal times has always been difficult, but Skinny Sprinkles allowed me to regulate my meals better and stop me snacking throughout the day.”

Another fan is nursery nurse Mel Pearson who lost seven stone with the help of Skinny Sprinkles, after embarrassingly busting her bikini top while on holiday.

After losing her mother at the age of 16, Manchester-based Mel comfort ate herself to 20 stone and a size 28.

But the size 18 bikini she squeezed herself into could not contain her assets – and after accidentally giving other holidaymakers a bit more of a view than they had paid for, she vowed to overhaul her lifestyle.

Now a much healthier 13 stone, she is still on her weight loss journey and said: “I incorporated Skinny Sprinkles into that healthy eating plan and haven’t looked back.

“As soon as I started taking the supplement, I had stacks more energy. I upped my gym sessions to five a week and was walking everywhere.”

Skinny Sprinkles active ingredient, glucomannan, is the only single ingredient approved by the European Commission to aid weight loss. It expands in the stomach – taking up space and helping the drinker to feel full. Once expanded, the glucomannan leaves the stomach slowly, keeping the ‘full’ feeling for longer.

It also contains vitamin C, as well as niacin and guarana which provide energy to help with exercise and prevent the feeling of a ‘slump’.

Simple, safe and effective. It helps you to feel fuller on less food, and has some natural stimulants to give you the energy you need for your healthy lifestyle.

Skinny Sprinkles is available to purchase on their website, for £24.99 for 30 sachets. It is also available from Amazon and Holland and Barrett.

Charlotte Giver

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