Essentials That Travellers Can Grab at the Airport

Most of us have experienced the dreaded moment of realisation before flying: there’s an essential that hasn’t been packed or taken care of. Luckily, major UK airports are equipped to tackle this conundrum. The expanse of retail offerings nowadays means that busy professionals can grab last-minute necessities before jetting off – allowing for a better, more relaxed travel experience.

Makeup bag fillers

In the frantic rush to the airport, it isn’t uncommon to leave an important makeup bag filler behind: a favourite lipstick, foundation or application brush. Duty Free offers a plethora of makeup brands spanning a range of budgets. Prices at Duty Free also strip VAT off the price, saving you much more than you would spend on the high street.

Cosmetic ‘tidy up’

One of the most annoying things to miss before a trip is a much-needed beauty treatment. Did you know that a selection of makeup counters at London Stansted offer free cosmetic ‘tidy ups’? Urban Decay, for example, offer a service to neaten eyebrows and demonstrate their products during a consultation with one of their beauty staff. This is the ideal opportunity to freshen up and feel fabulous before jetting off.

Repairing eye spray

One of the most underrated items for flying is repairing eye spray. This nifty item soothes dry and irritated eyes – ideal for counteracting harsh aeroplane air conditioning. Simply spray over closed lids and let the hydrating formula sink in. You can find a number of different brands in Boots, don’t get on your flight without it!  

Miniature toiletries

Picking up miniature toiletries may seem like an obvious recommendation, however, those with little space in their carry-on whilst passing through security can hugely benefit from their availability. These are ideally utilised for a quick weekend trip and are easily obtained from a Boots store in the airport.

Travel adaptors

There’s no denying that a travel adaptor is a core item for any trip. Unfortunately, many of us don’t manage to find the time to scour the shops for one before leaving the country. Now, picking up a travel adaptor couldn’t be easier; airports tend to have them stocked as standard, most of which come with integrated USB sockets meaning that you can charge multiple items simultaneously.

Circulation socks

For those that struggle with long-haul journeys or have a medical need, flight socks are a must. Forgetting to bring these along can lead to extreme discomfort in the legs and other extremities. Flight socks can often be purchased from Boots in the terminal of the airport.

Gel insoles

Weekends away are often filled with sightseeing and exploring the city by foot. Inevitably, this can wreak havoc on the soles. Gel insoles are specifically designed to counteract this. They work to support the arch of the foot and provide comfort with each step – perfect for activity-based breaks. Pick up a pack before hopping on board your flight.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.

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