The Bugis: A Slice of Singapore in the Heart of Kensington

The Bugis Singapore Restaurant and Bailey’s Bar opens in South Kensington

What attracts many to a city like London is its diversity. It is a melting pot of cultures, a home to various cuisines, traditions, and stories. The city goes far beyond the Beef Wellington and Fish and Chips that England is so well-known (and admittedly, well-loved) for. London appeals to the modern-day city-dweller. It caters for those whose palette has been broadened and mind opened. That is why as the weekends come and go, you can easily find yourself stumbling upon authentic Mexican tacos, family-run Italians, and trying new dishes for the first time. So, if this weekend you’re looking for a glamorous new spot to try a dining experience that differs from the usual, look no further than The Bugis Restaurant; an upscale eatery serving an entire menu that celebrates authentic Singaporean dishes influenced by Malaysian and Chinese cuisines.

South Kensington is synonymous with elegance. It is an area of the city that exudes grandeur and class. So, it should come as no surprise that the Bailey’s Hotel reflects this.

Step through the stately doorway and the pleasant doorman will point you towards The Bugis Restaurant inside. You will first be greeted by an extravagant bar, cheerful bar staff and a cozy seating area, the perfect lounge for a post-dinner nightcap. The bar leads into the Bugis Restaurant’s immaculate dining area.

The interior consists of a sleek style that’s infused with hints of Singapore throughout. The majestic chandelier hanging from the ceiling might capture your attention at first, but your eye will soon be drawn to the quirky Singaporean artwork that hangs on the walls. Meanwhile, upscale chopsticks and ceramic spoon-rests are set out on the crisp white tablecloths at every table. The perfect fusion of South Kensington and Singapore, this restaurant is sure to impress a special date.

The attentive staff are well-informed about Singaporean cuisine and are keen to help you choose from the extensive menu. They are also very flexible to cater to various allergens, and even offer gluten-free soy sauce on request!

We opted for the Jumbo Crab Salad and the Giant Diver Scallop to start. The crab was fried in a deliciously flaky crust, while the scallop was steamed in a pool of tasty black bean sauce, and served on a gorgeous seashell platter. Paired with a delicate white wine, both dishes were the perfect way to whet our appetite and set our expectations for what was to come.

The main courses that followed did, in fact, exceed those expectations. Made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, one dish was a deliciously fresh Atlantic sea bass topped with ginger and spring onion, bathing in a pool of light soy sauce.

The other, is a plate of tender Angus beef, sizzling in a flavoursome black pepper sauce. Both plates were accompanied with a side of light, fluffy rice that was, needless to say, cooked to perfection.

Finishing our meals was a non-negotiable and with both of our plates clean, we almost felt like we would struggle to make room for dessert. That is, of course, before we took one look at the dessert menu.

To finish off the meal in true style, we treated ourselves to an exquisite selection of matcha and vanilla ice cream, as well as a golden banana wrapped in a crunchy Kadaif coating.

To conclude, an evening spent wining and dining in this elegant Bugis Restaurant in London’s South Kensington is sure to be a special one. It comes as no surprise that it has received numerous accolades and awards as one of London’s best Asian restaurants. But don’t take it from us, head to the home of Singaporean excellence in the heart of South Kensington, awaken your tastebuds, and thank us later.

Address – The Bugis Singapore Restaurant, 140 Gloucester Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4QH – Phone+44 20 7373 6000 

Josie Wilkins

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