Ice Cream weekend!

Summer Isn’t Over Until All the Ice Cream’s Gone!

And here’s the proof. King’s Cross Ice Cream Festival will take place in Granary Square this September 1st – September 2nd.

Before I begin. I have a few weaknesses. Carbohydrates, chocolate, coffee. But of all of them, when summer comes around (or in this case, when summer is nearing it’s end), are completely overshadowed by my passion for ice cream. Nothing sounds tastier than being surrounded by the best ice cream’s around London. And as fun as it would be just to sit around and eat bucket loads of ice cream all day, this festival promises a whole lot more. It’s almost like a summer music festival, state fair and amusement park all in one. Hello inner child!

You can learn about the history and the culture of ice cream. For example, did you know Carlo Gatti was the first to bring ice cream to England in 1851??. After I learned that, he became a saint in my book. In addition, you even get to learn the process of making ice cream from the beginning.  And they mean the very, very beginning.  Starting with a petting zoo, you can meet the cow, sheep or goat who makes the milk for the ice cream.  From there, learn the techniques that turn the basic products into delicious ice cream, including the latest technologies and machines.  You can even try nitrogen ice cream!

So milk a cow, get your favorite flavor from Morelli’s of Harrods; Gelatorino of Covent Garden  Mad Cap Charlie; and Shepherds of Herefordshire bringing their award winning sheep’s milk ice cream made, and many others- and then build a sandcastle on the beach of Granary Square.

Definitely a weekend treat!


Stevie went to Hamilton College, where she studied Comparative Literature and French. After graduating, she moved to Paris where she currently writes and works. In addition to exploring the city of light, Stevie is interested in sustainability art, literature, and running. To keep energized, Stevie drinks black coffee, except when out with friends, she takes a latte.

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